Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Fun

While browsing through another blogger blog about her son's birthday party, I started reminiscing about my youngest son's 1st birthday party. (Please forgive the quality of the pics. I lost most of my pictures from 2002-2008 when my computer crashed and I had no backup. Stupid, I know. These pics came from what I had uploaded to my Facebook page.)

Coming up with a theme for his birthday was not hard. You see, his name is Behr (pronounced bear) so what else would be suiting but a BEAR birthday party??!! Teddy Bear Picnics it was.
Here were our teddy bear greeters.

Behr turned one in August, which is an extremely hot month in South Florida. Therefore, I brought the inside in at our teddy bear picnic. I made the trees, grass, sun and clouds out of construction paper. The butterflies, bees, and teddy bears I printed on the computer then cut out and taped up. The flowers, I purchased by the bunches at the Dollar Store. Hint: I use painters' tape to tape all these. It sticks well yet it peels off easily with out peeling the paint off. :)
I made the invites with checkered scrapbooking paper as a background. Then I found an image of a teddy bear on the internet, printed, cut it out and pasted it. To make it more festive, I added a balloon (scrapbooking accessory), and ribbon from our local craft store. This was time consuming since there were about 20 invites to make but so worth it.

A twist on the game of Pin-The-Tail-on-the-Donkey: Pin-The-Heart-On-The-Bear!!!

What 1st year old birthday party is complete without the baby "eating" the cake??!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

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