Friday, March 26, 2010

My Favorite Things... Just a Few

Today is a very busy day around these parts. Kids are out of school for spring break. Need I say more? Since my blog time is very limited today, here are just a few of my favorite things that inspire me and will hopefully keep you inspired too.

I found this rustic-industrial little side table at But it doesn't seem too hard to recreate and I'm sure a lot cheaper as well.

Anthropologie has these gorgeous mercury glass drawer knobs that I'm waiting to go on sale. Sigh!

I am not handy enough to make anything electrical (anything that would work without burning my house down that is) but I do have an amazing handy man willing to tackle my finds. Check out this clever wine bottle chandelier. Like I really need any more reasons to drink wine.

This gives me an idea on slip covering a similar loveseat that I bought on craigslist (my favorite "store" but that's another posting all together).

And lastly... for today, crisp, white bedding. Pottery Barn has this collection on sale right now. Don't they look comfy-soft?

Have a relaxing weekend!
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