Monday, March 29, 2010

Repurposing the Little Things
One of my favorite things to do is finding ways to repurpose things. Whether it’d be a door turned into a table or a much less complex thing like a mason jar.
Mason jars are a pretty way to display the shells I collected from my honeymoon over 16 years ago.
I have quite a few leftover clothespins from Sun Kissed Boy #1’s baby shower (I tend to hang on to things. Sun Kissed Boy #1 is almost 8). I use them mostly as bag clips but I keep them in a mason jar in the laundry room because the pantry is in the laundry room and, well, because it’s fitting.

This apĂ©ritif glass belonged to my husband’s grandmother, Grandma Faye. It was in a set of five glasses along with a decanter. Sadly, the decanter along with three of the glasses broke. But since the two were one of the very few pieces left of what belonged to Grandma Faye, I wanted to find uses for the little glasses.
For the moment, one carefully guards my wedding ring when I take it off at the kitchen sink to wash dishes.
The other, sits in the laundry room and measures just the right amount of laundry detergent for my front-loader washer that only requires a small amount of soap. By the way, the plate that the glass sits on is a sushi plate that I rarely use for that purpose. It too serves a purpose. It catches any liquid soap that might leak down. When it does, all I have to do is rinse the plate.

My neighbors know that I’m a hoarder re-user so they pass along to me some of their things that they no longer have use for.
This wood salad blow is now the center of attention in my kitchen table holding scrabble letters. The scrabble letters are used by Sun Kissed Boy #1 to practice spelling. My mother-in-law and I also some times grab a handful of letters and see how many words we can make out of them scrabble style.

The cheese grater once complemented a pasta bowl set my husband and I got as a wedding present. The bowls are long gone but the cheese grater is still around. I filled it with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for easy sprinkles on buttered toast or cereal.

Buckets are terrific storage containers no matter their size.
The green one was left behind from party favors from Sun Kissed Boy #1’s 4th birthday party. It holds chalk that I use to write his weekly spelling words on the kitchen cabinet. Sun Kissed Boy #1 will be the best speller yet!

The tin one holds some of the 1,008 crayons that seem to be floating around my house. It sits on the playroom art table ready and waiting for creative little fingers to unleash their magic.

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