Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Says Dress-up is Just for Girls?
At any given day in my house, there will be a little boy running around in a costume. We have gathered costumes through the years enough to fill two chests! Last year after Halloween, Target had the ultimate sale and priced full costumes from $1.98 to $3.98!! Knowing how much my boys love wearing them, how could I not stock up??!! Here are the Super Sun Kissed Boys in action.
Being a Superhero is exhausting!

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2 Sunny Notes:

ABBYTRU said...

Super cute Super Sun Kissed Boys in action.
The SKB # 3 Superhero is really exhausting, poor baby, but after has a super fun, he is superhappy.

I am posting this today , because when Yanet post this on March 31, I was not a blogger follower.

Unknown said...

I just finished looking at all of 2010, and
looking forward to 2011. Happy New Year sun kissed
family, You are my life! Tomorrow starts a brand
new year, and the boys will grow even more before