Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Little Scooper

I was looking for a little ice scooper and I found this set.

The bigger one works great for scooping the right amount of ice cubes into drinks at parties but I wasn’t sure what to do with the smaller one. Here’s what I decided to do with it.

The Sun Kissed Boys are big chocolate milk drinkers. I kept the chocolate powder in the pantry, which sounds convenient, but my pantry is not in the kitchen. It’s in the laundry room. Ok, the laundry room is next to the kitchen, but still. I find myself going in there for the chocolate powder several times a day because none of the boys want chocolate milk at the same time. Every time I make chocolate milk I have to walk to the pantry, grab the powder, go to the cutlery drawer, grab a spoon…. You get the picture. Now I have the chocolate powder handy on the kitchen counter, next to the fridge (close to the milk!).
There’s no such thing as too many kitchen gadgets.

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1 Sunny Notes:

Sheena said...

somehow I came across this post today.... I think it was a link on a new post. Anyway - I just bought a vintage scoop that perfectly holds 1/4 cup. It is metal with a green wooden handle. It is everything I wanted! I have it in my four bin and everytime I make something that I need flour for, I am so pleasantly surprised to see it in there. :) I want to find a few more preferably in different sizes, but I would take anything at this point. :)

Hope your having a good day.