Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh my, how your ducks have grown!

In between my and my neighbor’s yard there is a deep slope that always puddles up when it rains.  (Thankfully, the Sun Kissed Boys haven’t discovered it.)  I never really liked it… up until now.

This is where Daisy and her ducklings bathe after a good rain storm (which lately, lucky for her, seems to be every day).

I introduced my neighbors' duck, Daisy, in this post.  Back then her ducklings were little bitty.  Things have changed.  They are now almost as big as she is.

In everyone's brood, there's always one that's more ornery than the rest.

This is their home.  My neighbor, Alanna, made it for them.  Well, she made it for just Daisy.  But life has it's twists and turns.  

Had I known it would turn out so great, I would have made Alanna write up a tutorial! 
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