Monday, April 19, 2010

Time To Go Antiquing

Remember last week when I said that I had a high school friend coming to visit?  (If you don’t, then click here.) I had the wrong week.  Turns out she’s coming this week instead.  I thought that this would give me some time to work on my unfinished projects, but I went shopping instead. J  I went to the Antique Mall because I thought they had a sale this weekend.  Turns out, I had that wrong as well.  It’s next week.  But no matter.  I found a couple of cute little things I wanted to share.

I love initials and numbers as d├ęcor, so I had to get these ceramic balls.

I’ve seen tons of tutorials on how to make this pillow myself but I can’t figure out the tension on my sewing machine and this gave me instant gratification.  I like the chair too but I have no place for it. 

The following are pieces I either liked or I took as inspiration.  I am too cheap thrifty to buy everything I see at the antique stores so I keep an eye out on Craiglist for pieces that are either less expensive or that I can transform.

What pretty bench!  I love the length of it and that it has storage.

I liked this long and worn table.

I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to furniture with chipped or crackled paint!

Egg basket.

Of course, I always spy a step stool!  To see the step stools I have around my house, click here.

I have two bedposts at home I’m not sure what to do with.  This looks like a cute idea.

Wouldn’t this make great storage for the Sun Kissed Boys’ Legos.  We must have thousands of little pieces.

I don’t know how useful these little drawers would be but I like the idea of having all those cubbies.

The crackling.

A primitive wood bench can go almost anywhere AND it’s kind of like a step stool!!

I can imagine these suitcases stacked at the end of a hallway (I don’t have much of a hallway), perhaps painted all white.  Pretty and functional.

As I mentioned, I love initials and numbers.  This was made out of one fence post.  Cute, right?

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