Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Boy Cave Sign

Last week, I came across Gina from Three Ring Cottage.  After looking around her blog a bit, I realized she and I have very similar taste.  It’s even a little spooky that she and I own a couple of very similar unique pieces.  Gina has a post on how to make old, vintagy looking signs. I decided to tackle this on and here’s what it looked like.  Check out her blog for a terrific tutorial.

The Sun Kissed Boys’ jungle gym is finally up so it made sense to make a sign for it. Sun Kissed Husband has a Man Cave in the backyard so of course the Sun Kissed Boys wanted a cave of their own.  Hence The Boy Cave!!!

Cute, right?

Check me out tomorrow where I used a similar technique to vamp up yet another step stool!
Yanet  IIIII

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6 Sunny Notes:

gina@3ringcottage said...

It turned out great! It is very cute. I really like the color choices for it. That is an awesome boy cave it's attached to. Thanks for highlighting me.

Amber D said...

What a great sign! I love that it lookes like the boys wrote it themselves.

Thanks for the comment on my Holy Names project.

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Love your blog header. So cute but cool at the same time. The boys are cute the image is cool. :) I wanted to say thanks for your visit and comment but I can see once I got here that I need to look around a bit. I love the turquoise dresser. I work with painted furniture and just recently did an aqua piece for a sale and although I got a lot of positive feedback in didn't sell. I see this look repeatedly on the internet but not so much in my friends homes. Do you do well with this look or was this for you?

Kelli W said...

That sign is so cute! I bet my boys would love something like that hanging on the entrance of their clubhouse!

Anonymous said...

Love it! If you made another and sold it on etsy, i would buy it;)

Umair Ali said...

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