Thursday, May 20, 2010

Designing a Lego Cake

No matter how much I stress about it, I really enjoy planning the details to the Sun Kissed Boys’ birthday parties.  Sun Kissed Boy #1 and 2 are 3 years and 364 days apart.  We have taken trips instead of birthday parties the last couple of years but this year there’s no going around it.  A party’s on!  The theme is Lego.  They both love their Legos so that works perfect for a party planning mom.  Their favorites are Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Power Miners.  I tried incorporating all in one cake but could only fit three themes.  Here’s the plan.

After putting this post together (I usually post a day or two in advanced), I ran over to our local grocery store to put in my order for the cake.  The ladies in the bakery are very helpful but my mouth dropped when they told me about how much the cake was going to cost.  I can buy Sun Kissed Boy #1 four Wii games for that amount of money!!!  So back to the drawing board.  Did I mention the party is only 2 days away??!!  Help!!

Really, I’d love to hear any suggestions but keep in mind, making a cake myself is NOT an option.  I can bake for 5 but not 50! 

And because posts aren't as fun without pics, here are some of my recent favorites.

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Precious photos. The name of the green paint I used is Thyme green by Glidden, but mixed in Behr paint at Home Depot.