Monday, May 31, 2010

My Boys Make Me Laugh

-Being a mommy of 3 boys has its funny moments.  Let the pictures explain what I mean.

What do the Sun Kissed Boys find funny?  Apparently, making a puzzle...

... then dumping it on your head is among the super funniest!!

Oh, and anything with the words poo poo, fart, or burp.  Doing the last two would make any one of the Sun Kissed Boys giggle 'till the end of time.  :-)

Enjoy the funny moments in your day. 

Yanet  IIIII
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2 Sunny Notes:

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Don't tell them I said so, but your boys are beautiful! Boys don't like being called beautiful, but these boys are.

Are they huge fans of the Captain Underpants books? My youngest loved those.

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, these shots are great…I especially love the one of the eldest mancub wearing a helmet to spraypaint…classic!