Friday, May 28, 2010

Sandy Places

The latest addition to the Mancave/patio area is a hot tub.  Our handy man (who I love!) made a platform for it to level out the area using sand and stepping-stones.

After he set the stepping-stones, I realized that they were too wide apart for my taste. 

I’ve been collecting sea shells from everywhere we vacation since our honeymoon.  I’ve had them displayed in mason jars throughout the house.  The bottle caps, well, it’s obvious how I collected those. ;)  I decided to use those two things to remedy the situation.

Sun Kissed Boy #2 was once again my little helper, but I think he needs to be promoted to “assistant”.

I like that when we have parties, instead of throwing bottle caps away, our friends can keep adding to our “d├ęcor”.  And when we go away again, to a sunny vacation spot, we can keep adding as well. 

Yanet  IIIII

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1 Sunny Notes:

ABBYTRU said...

You have a very good helper, Godd Bless him,everything looks nice and cozy