Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Their Green Thumb 

I am extremely envious of my next-door neighbors’, Karen and Alanna, green thumb.  My thumb is more like black because that’s the color my plants seem to eventually turn.  Karen and Alanna have now started an herb and vegetable garden.  I am very excited about this because I intend on sneaking over every once in a while to take a snip or two going to their house (thru the front door) and ask them very politely if I can have a snip or two.

Here are a couple of Karen and Alanna’s pretty plants.

And just for fun, here's a couple of their birds.  There's Merlin...

... and Timmy.

They also have one more bird (two, if you count Daisy Duck), three dogs, and two cats but that's enough for another blog all together. 

Yanet  IIIII
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