Friday, June 4, 2010

In Case You Missed It

-Not too long ago, I made mason jar vases for Teacher’s Week.  Click here for the tutorial if you missed that post.  I made an extra one for me to keep using a plain olive jar.  But it was too plain for my taste so I vamped it up using - what else? - SPRAY PAINT!!

I got the cute moon pendant from a fellow Freecycler.  I always tell the Sun Kissed Boys I love them to the moon and back so a moon pendant to display their photo was very suiting. 

After some spray painting magic!!

Taah Daah!!

The flowers are fake but I’m real bad about remembering to grab fresh flowers when I run to the grocery store.  It might have something to do with having to juggle three energetic boys in the grocery store while pushing a cart full of food for said growing boys’ appetites.  Stepping into a flower shop is never in my list of things to do.  

Angela, of Secrets of a Super Mommy, made a mason jar vase of her own to display her little ballerina’s flowers.  It came out so darling, I just had to share it. 

Check out how she put hers together.  Look around her blog a bit.  Angela has tons of ideas for kid and family fun.  Seriously, especially with summer break almost here, this blog site is a mommy’s must-have.

Have a fun weekend everybody! I 

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Vicki/Jake said...

I've always wanted to try spray paint on glass or ceramic...Do you need to prime it first?
Yours turned out so cool looking :)