Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mommy Summer Camp - Mondays

-This summer I opted not to put Sun Kissed Boy #1 in summer camp.  When I made this decision, I understood how much work that meant for me (the stay-at-home-mommy that I am).  But I’ve come up with a schedule that entertains the kids and at the same time keeps me sane by not hearing the “I’m bored!” or the “There’s nothing to do!”  Such quotes are usually said with the whiniest voice an 8-year old can muster.  This week I’ll be sharing some of our summer fun schedule.

Sun Kissed Husband usually has Mondays off.  We’ve taken the opportunity to do big things on Mondays together as a family.  When I say big things, I’m referring to things that I’m not brave enough to endure by myself with a 2 (almost 3, he’s a handful), a 4, and an 8 year-old.  Things like the zoo, water parks, museums, etc.

This Monday, it was water park day at Paradise Cove!

Food is about the only thing that slows Sun Kissed Boy #3.  Even with those tired, chlorined eyes.

Later, Sun Kissed Husband cooked up some steaks.

And we ate dinner in The Mancave.

It was an exhausting but fun day.  Join me tomorrow when we have some fun with a mouse! I

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