Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

-As my boys get older, it’s hard not to notice their fascination with machines.  BIG machines!  On our outing to the beach, every time there was any kind of transportation type of machine, my camera was asked to come out. 

Follow us on our machine scavenger hunt.

Since we had dropped Sun Kissed Husband off at the airport earlier that morning, when Sun Kissed Boy #2 saw this plane, he started yelling excitedly, “Good-bye, Daddy!” 

This machine won the gold ribbon as the Sun Kissed Boys' favorite.

This one won mine.

How many different machines can you spy?! I

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3 Sunny Notes:

ABBYTRU said...

What a cuty and sweety expression of Sun Kissed Boy # 2, yelling his daddy: "good-bye daddy". That make me feel so emotional, God Bless him, he is a really sweet boy. It looks really cute on him.
To me he won the "EMOTION GOLD RIBBON" for his lovely gesture toward his daddy.
Also the fascination of the 3 Sun Kissed Boys for the big machines is a signal they are growing up, (so soon, my Godness!!)they do not want to play with toys machines as they want to drive the really ones , the big ones.

nannykim said...

My daughter has one son (almost 2 years old) and one daughter (3) and one on the way. The son is so into trucks and always has been...pretty amazing. While her daughter is much more into fairies ;-)

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