Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Made the Cut!

-My faux industrial chair made the top ten cut at The CSI Project!  

Check it out here and hop over to The CSI Project to see other marvelous "Roadkill Rescues" this week.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Slow It Down

-I got a little ahead of myself this week and posted twice on Wednesday.  So no posting today.  

Enjoy the weekend, everybody! I

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hands at Play

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 70’s Divider Re-Do

My garage is overstuffed with stuff.  I have regular garage things like tools (not cars though) and not so regular garage things like doors, fake potted plants, and ottomans.  All for future projects.  I made myself a rule that if I find a curbside “treasure” on bulk trash day, I need to work on it right away so it won’t be stored in the garage.  If it’s still in the garage by the next bulk pick up day (bulk pick up is once a month), then something’s got to go out in order for anything new to come in.  Fair enough right?   I am VERY proud of myself for sticking to this rule (easy because I just made it up Sunday but proud nonetheless) by vamping up all of my curbside finds this week and not added to the garage clutter.

Does anyone remember ever seeing these dividers? 

They were popular in the 70’s.  They were used as architectural interest usually by the front door, giving the illusion of an entryway.  They are now considered outdated which is why I found one in the trash.  But it’s a unique piece and I thought would make interesting wall art.

I brought it home and used primer, crackle, and paint to spruce it up.

My thought was to just lean it against a wall but Sun Kissed Boy #1 had a better idea. (I love that boy.)

Hang it up over an entranceway.  Brilliant! I

(Side Note:  Before I get any e-mails about this, yes I know the couch is sticking out too much.  Problem noted and it’s in the works for a future make-over.)

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Industrial Chair - Kind of…

-I’ve been taking advantage of this week’s theme over at The CSI Project to clear out of the garage some of my curbside finds.  Ok, fine!  This one I just found this past Sunday, but at least it’s not going IN the garage.

I love the look of industrial chairs.  I particularly like this chair but the price ranges from $150-$200.

It’s important for you to know that ever since I discovered craigslist, I refuse to pay retail for anything again.  About 80% of my house is filled with craigslist or freebie finds. Since I started hunting around on bulk trash day, the possibilities are limitless. 

One of my finds this Sunday was this chair.

I primed it and spray-painted in metallic silver.  What do you think?  Pretty close, right?

I thank you, Ladies at CSI, for the push I needed to get it done.  My husband thanks you too for not letting one more thing go in the garage which might someday fit a vehicle (or so he hopes). I

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Trashy Hutch

-On the last Sunday of every month you can usually always find me around my neighborhood driving around.  Not lost, but searching.  Searching and looking and anticipating.  What for, you’re asking? My next project.  (As if I didn’t have a garage-full of projects.  Moving on.)  The last Sunday of every month is bulk trash day in my neighborhood.  I don’t live in a ritzy neighborhood where people might throw away things in near perfect conditions.  No, I live in a neighborhood where people toss things that need love.

Take this hutch for example.  It sat curbside lonely and sad.  Until, I came along and snatched it up.  I thought it would be a perfect match to my craigslist buffet.

No?  Don’t see it?  How about now?

I chose a light sea-foam color for the background.  Now I have a pretty place to display my garage sale dishes.

I distressed it in some parts and spray-painted the knobs with oil rubbed bronze.

I wanted to give the panels a little flair, so I covered them with an off-white burlap.

It’s also a perfect spot for my Wedding Invite Art.

Here’s what the place looked like before

…and after.

 Ahem,... and afterI

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Antiquing with my Boy

-A few weekends ago, Sun Kissed Boy #1 made a comment after I came home from a visit to the antique store.  Actually two comments referring to an old window frame I purchased.  One was, “Daddy will say he likes it but he really wont.” (Can’t really argue there.  Most of the time Sun Kissed Husband likes the things I bring home but other times, I think he just goes with the flow.  Very perceptive of my boy.) The other was, “I can see why people don’t buy that.”

With that in mind, I decided to take him with me this weekend to my antique store adventure.  I knew I was taking a big chance.  He was either going to love it or I would have to hear big sighs and questions about how much longer we would be there, cutting my visit to the antique store short.  I must have been feeling brave Saturday because I was willing to take the chance. 

Immediately, I heard comments from him like, “why is everything old looking?” or “why would anyone buy someone else’s old junk?”  But then I realized he wasn’t being negative at all.  He was genuinely curious.  Before I knew it, he was pointing out to me things that I might enjoy taking pictures of.  (He knows that I blog and I take plenty of photos for my posts.  The fact that he supports it by encouraging me to take photographs makes my heart pitter-patter.) 

I explained to him what a card catalog was when he spied the card catalog cabinet.

Remember these?

He was astonished to find out that home computers are a fairly new invention.  Before then, there were typewriters.  I’m not sure if he understood the concept when I explained how they worked.

He was so funny when he wondered if Shrek and Bob the Builder was around in the “old times”.

He picked out something special for himself.

On our way back home I asked him if he still thought that antique stores were lame.  He said, “Not at all.  It’s like going through someone’s old home.” I

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