Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 70’s Divider Re-Do

My garage is overstuffed with stuff.  I have regular garage things like tools (not cars though) and not so regular garage things like doors, fake potted plants, and ottomans.  All for future projects.  I made myself a rule that if I find a curbside “treasure” on bulk trash day, I need to work on it right away so it won’t be stored in the garage.  If it’s still in the garage by the next bulk pick up day (bulk pick up is once a month), then something’s got to go out in order for anything new to come in.  Fair enough right?   I am VERY proud of myself for sticking to this rule (easy because I just made it up Sunday but proud nonetheless) by vamping up all of my curbside finds this week and not added to the garage clutter.

Does anyone remember ever seeing these dividers? 

They were popular in the 70’s.  They were used as architectural interest usually by the front door, giving the illusion of an entryway.  They are now considered outdated which is why I found one in the trash.  But it’s a unique piece and I thought would make interesting wall art.

I brought it home and used primer, crackle, and paint to spruce it up.

My thought was to just lean it against a wall but Sun Kissed Boy #1 had a better idea. (I love that boy.)

Hang it up over an entranceway.  Brilliant! I

(Side Note:  Before I get any e-mails about this, yes I know the couch is sticking out too much.  Problem noted and it’s in the works for a future make-over.)

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8 Sunny Notes:

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Um, I didn't even notice the couch sticking out. I just thought it was a pretty color!

Love the divider! Once again, you picked the PERFECT color! The crackle is great, too.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You son has a great eye! Love the color you used and so love your letter wall!

Life in Rehab said...

Eh, define too much?

I like the makeover and the architectural interest you added by hanging it like that. Aren't sons wonderful?

Unknown said...

Cool idea, I never would have thought to use a divider in that way. Thanks for sharing!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a great transformation!

Lisa said...

super cute!! i never find cool things like this on the side of any of my roads!!


Now that was fun! I posted a picture of my daughter's dining room and she did a fun thing with a door and hung it on the wall like this. The bottom half of the door (now the left side) she painted with chalk board paint and the right side, she is putting cork board on (though she hasn't yet). Love stuff like that. Here is the link. It is the first photo so you don't have to go far into the post if you want to see it:

chris said...

What a fun way to change things up! Enjoy your newly rediscovered treasure.