Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mommy Summer Camp - Wednesdays

Welcome to Mommy Summer Camp!  Since Sun Kissed Boy #1 is not enrolled in “real” summer camp this year, I have to pick up the slack.  Our mornings are busy with an activity that lasts about two hours and then an activity in the evening.  In the evening, it’s usually something casual in the vicinity of the house. 

Wednesday morning fun is bowling!  AMF Bowling Centers have a summer program where kids bowl free all summer.  This makes Sun Kissed Mamma happy and Sun Kissed Boys even happier! also offers a package deal for the grown ups.

In the evening, we build Legos!  For their birthdays, Sun Kissed Boy #1 and 2 got several Lego sets.  So many that there’s no way we (and when I say we, I totally mean me) can build them in one day.  It’s been not only fun building them in the evenings but it’s a great wind-down kind of activity.  When we finish building them all, we can re-build the ones Sun Kissed Boy #3 has gotten a hold of.  Oh, the fun never ends.

Once again here’s the rule:  If there’s any complaining about being bored or having nothing to do, the afternoon or the next day’s morning activity gets cancelled.  I’m happy to report that I haven’t needed to implement it.

Tomorrow we check out the big screen. I

Yanet  IIIII
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ABBYTRU said...

Great idea to have a Mommy Summer Camps!!!
You can watch them and they enjoy a lot with
Mommy and Daddy.
I hope you all have