Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Craigslist's Knick-Knacks & Paddy Whacks

-Accessories are plenty abundant on craiglist.  But they can be hard to find if you are looking for something specific.  Most of the ones I've found are through searches of other things or searches of their description.  For example, I will type in the word “Rustic” in the search box in the "Household" subdirectory and it will pull up all of the listings if anyone used the word rustic to describe their object.

Here are the “rustic” things I’ve found.

I bought this wine opener for Sun Kissed Husband’s birthday.  We’re big wine drinkers around here.

I was told that in the old days, this bowl was used to let the bread dough rise.  I thought it was cool looking but the history was an added bonus.

When I needed to find lampshades for our bedside lamps, it was a simple search of “white lamp shades”.

If you want to use craiglist to accessorize your home, I recommend using key word searches for what best describes the look you are going for on a daily basis.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the craigslist MOTHERLOAD + a mini home tour! I

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Monday, August 30, 2010

My Craigslist Finds

-My name is Yanet and I am a craigslistaholic.  I admit it.  I have a problem. It doesn’t help that iPhone apps make it so easy to access.  Yeah, that's right, I have an app for that.  It's normal.  Doesn't everybody?
 Darn you iPhone appps!!!!

But it’s sooo addicting, especially when the deals are so great.  I have to admit that I enjoy the thrill of the hunt the most.  It's such a high to find a piece of furniture that cost 100s of dollars for 50 bucks!

Check out the pieces that I’ve found at a fraction of the cost of retail.

See the transformation of this dresser here.

The buffet looked completely different before its makeover.  The hutch was a curbside find.  Read the full story here.

This dresser was originally without knobs.  Read about how these knobs came to be here.

On the way down from a posh, South Beach high-rise, the original owner went on and on about the famous Italian Designer that had created this futon.  I can’t remember the name, I just know it’s super comfortable.

But is it really an addiction when I can stop any time?  I’ll stop tomorrow…maybe.  Check back tomorrow for my CL accessories. I

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Faking It

-Catchy title?! But it’s not this type of faking it.
Image Source: Google Images
Last week, Kristen of Making a House a Home made this statement about a glass of wine in one of the pictures in this post.

“...Being pregnant, having a glass of wine with dinner is one of the things I miss most.”

It got me thinking about when I was pregnant.  I love my cocktails, I can relate.  My last two babies were 15 months apart, which means, between pregnancies and breastfeeding; cocktails were nonexistent for me for about two years.  Yikes!  Yes, there might have been a glass of red wine once or twice but I couldn’t have my bloodies or martinis.  So I would “fake it”.  I’d take a martini glass, pour club soda or bloody mary mix, and adorned it with a toothpick of olives.  I wouldn’t get the happy buzz but for some weird reason, it made me miss my cocktails less.

This week I had pull out another "faking it" trick to get me by.  The first week of school has been tough for the Sun Kissed family.  It takes us a little bit to get back to the routine of having a routine.  This is what I use when I’m too tired to function.

I’m the type of chick that leaves the house without make up and a quick fingers-thru-the-hair.  Not totally happy about that, but doesn’t bother me enough to change it.  So this is my mental pick-me-up.  Something as simple as blow drying my hair and putting on make up (I’m not talking about enough caked-on make up to relive the 80’s or anything, just enough to look alive) some times motivates me to get some running around done or, I don’t know, bathe/feed the kids. 

It might sound silly but it works for me to go around looking like this.

When I’m really feeling like this.

What “fake outs” do you do to get by?  I

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey, Guess What??!!

-My basket lamp was featured at Remodelaholic!!  

Woo hoo! 
Thank you, Cassity.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody! I

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In Search of Blue Skies

This week I thought I’d combine two of my favorite linky parties.  You see at I Should Be Folding Laundry’s You Capture, the theme is Get Outside.  At Ms. Jenny’s Rainbow Summer School, the color is Blue.  My thought was to Get Outside with SKB #3 and take some great shots of the Blue sky as he played in the jungle gym.  Except the skies looked like this all week.

But one of the great things about South Florida weather is that just because it’s gloomy in one area, does not mean it’s gloomy all over.  So I packed up my boy in search of blue skies!  It didn’t take long.  Just 9 miles down the road, things were starting to look up.

And there it was, in all its glorious splendor!

It just got better and better.

The sand and warm water felt delicious between my toes.

 He was pretty delicious too.

Mission accomplished! I

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning Tricks with Rainbow Balls

Sun Kissed Boy #1 told me Monday he likes his teacher. (Sigh!)  He said she reminds him of her tutor.  When I asked him how so, he responded that she smiles a lot and plays games like his tutor does.  Since this is a schooly time of year, I thought I’d share one of the games that SKB #1 is referring to.

Ms. Tammy, the tutor, first has SKB #1 read a story out loud.  Then they toss these balls back and forth.

She will usually call out a color while the ball is up in the air, then SKB will have to answer the question corresponding to that color as it relates to the story.  When he tosses the ball back to her, she takes a turn in answering the same question.

Ms. Tammy stared using this technique when she was teaching 1st grade.  In a classroom setting, she used beach balls.  All the children would sit on the floor.  After she read them the story, she would toss the beach ball.  To keep the kids from going nutty trying to catch the beach ball, she would call out a specific student in the direction the ball was heading.  Wherever the student’s right hand touched, that would be the question he/she would answer.

This is one of many tricks Ms. Tammy has up her sleeve.  I love that she keeps it fresh and keep SKB motivated to learn when he doesn’t even realize it.

What learning tricks do you have up your sleeve?  
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Orientation and 1st Day of School

-Yesterday was the first day of school for my two oldest Sun Kissed Boys. My thought was to take some pictures in the early morning and post about our crazy morning.  Well, it was crazy.  Too crazy to stop and take pictures.  But I do have some of SKB #2’s Pre-K orientation that I wanted to share.

I thought I would get a little photo shoot when I picked up the boys in the afternoon but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

Neither were the boys.

But I can be quite persistent.

This is what was waiting for them when they got home. 

I’d love to take credit for the sweet treat but it wasn’t made by yours truly.  My awesomely-awesome girls next door made dinner for us Sunday night knowing things would be hectic getting the boys ready for school the next day.  This was the dessert that came along that delectable meal.  I love the girls next door! I

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