Friday, August 6, 2010

The Not So Loving Love Note

-The Sun Kissed Boys have an abundance of Lego toys.  Really, it should be illegal to own this many.  There should be a maximum capacity per household.  If there were, we’ve exceeded it long ago.  We have boxes, we’ve yet to open!

When Sun Kissed Boy #2 paged through the catalog of Lego Power Miners, he pointed out which ones he wanted.  I just smiled and looked at the pictures.  After all, I will page through a Pottery Barn or Ballards catalog book-marking things I want but never get.  He seemed happy enough to have me look at the catalog with him, not committing to buy any.

Later that day, he came to me with another Lego booklet.  This time he was asking for me to buy him the one he was pointing to.  He asked, and he asked, and he asked.  To which I responded every time until I tired and closed the conversation by saying it wasn’t going to be discussed any more.  He stomped walked away in a not jovial mood.

When he came back he laid this on the table.  “Is this for me?”  I asked, innocently enough.  I got a sharp “Yes” as a response.

I looked at what I realized wasn’t a love note, and then I looked at him.

I love that face even when he’s angry. I

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4 Sunny Notes:

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

How adorable! We have the same lego problem here. Except when I went on a rage a month ago and got rid of some!

Teachinfourth said...

Good for you, sticking to your guns like that. I wish more parents wouldn't give in to their children quite so easily. I also thought having Indiana Jones next to the envelope was quite a nice touch!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That is funny! Good job on saying "no".

ABBYTRU said...

Adorable 3Sun Kissed Boy II....LOL
Good for you saying "no"