Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Pasta Salad

-My sister-in-law, Melissa, is an AWESOME cook!  Sun Kissed Husband and I are always saying that she should be the Next Food Network Star.  She also has this wonderful talent to be able to deconstruct a meal and reconstruct it her self in an even more scrumptious way.  This recipe is an example of that.  It came about when Melissa picked up pasta salad from our local grocery store’s deli.  FYI: It’s very detailed because she wrote the recipe down for me to make and I (lacking the Julia Child gene) need to be told not to put in the roots of the green onion.

Summer Pasta Salad

1 box bow tie pasta
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
1 bottle Classic Italian dressing
1 bunch green onions
1 block feta cheese (I like the brand Athenos, cheap but tasty)
1 can sliced black olives
onion powder
garlic powder

Cook pasta and rinse with cold water.  Put in large bowl.

Add tomatoes (cut in half if they are large).

Slice then add thin green onions (both the white and green parts, just not the root, or the very end of the green).

Add feta (cut into cubes the size of the tomatoes).

Drain and add black olives.

Pour Italian dressing (just enough to coat, you can always add more).

Sprinkle a little salt (the feta is salty), a pinch of pepper, a dash of onion powder and a dash of garlic powder.

Stir gently, and let sit overnight (very important to let it sit overnight so flavors can blend). Add more dressing if needed the next day.

This is a great recipe to make for parties.  Enjoy! I

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9 Sunny Notes:

Teachinfourth said...

When should I be over for dinner?

bron @ baby space said...

Mmm, delish! Think it's pasta on the menu for us tomorrow :)

Melissa Spitler said...

Why does yours look better than mine? Thanks for the the nice words about my cooking!!

Kirsten said...

Yum (except for the olives). I love the picture of the boiling noodles.

Regina Lynn said...

Yum. I want feta. Now.

Jen said...

Yum! I like to make a salad like this, minus the olives.

Unknown said...

The looks so delicious I think I'll make it for our party this weekend!

Carrie said...

Yum, yum, yum!! Please pass the bowl!! Looks wonderful and I loved the shot of the knife in the tomato.

Elizabeth said...

I love pasta salads and yours looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe. Great captures of it being made.