Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Tape Measurer Growth Chart

What do you do when a certain three-year old unravels the measuring tape out of the dispenser beyond repair? 

Why, make a growth chart, of course!

Sun Kissed Husband nailed it into the wall in the playroom for me.

I cut off the little metal at the bottom and started after the baseboard.

That's it.  It’s ready to go.

This wall in the playroom is painted with chalkboard paint so I originally marked the SKBs’ height with chalk.  As they played, it erased and I wanted something permanent so I went on the search of a paint pen.  I couldn’t find it after two stores and I am not very patient so I used Appliance Touch-up instead. 

My thought is to embellish it some when I measure the boys on their birthdays.  For now, it’s staying simple.

I may not be blogging tomorrow.  We are expecting a visit from Tropical Storm Nicole (now it’s only Tropical Depression #16).  Ever since lightning struck our tree, I don’t like having the computer on while it’s storming. 

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3 Sunny Notes:

Teachinfourth said...

What a great idea! Does your creativity ever really end?

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Stay safe!

I love this idea! The appliance touch up pen seems to work great.

ABBYTRU said...

Great idea to see how the 3 SKB are growing up.

Nicole is taking little bit East, look it is going to the ocean, anyway the rain and may be some lightning will continue, at least for today. I hope lightning does not struck nor even any close to your house again, be careful.