Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Refreshment Center Tin Sign

-When I went antiquing with SKB #1, I saw this tin "Refreshment Center" sign I loved.  I didn’t buy it because I knew I could recreate it myself (and I’m cheap). 

This tin sign was originally for the Mancave but Sun Kissed Husband hadn’t hung it up and in this house, if you snooze, you loose.

I turned the sign over (just in case Sun Kissed Husband ever wants to reclaim it) and got to work.  I sprayed it black with dirty sticker and all.  I’m not much for prep work.

I used these letters for the words but they are only sticky back on the top so I used spray glue to make sure they stuck.  I also used painter’s tape around the edges to give it a border.

I then spray painted it in white but I forgot a picture of that.  Oops!

And here’s the finished product. 

Ok, I am not crazy about it.  It needs something.  What is it?  Perhaps a graphic?  Maybe I should distress it some.  Maybe I should leave it outside to rust some.  Maybe I should just have bought the vintage one.  Hmmm… I

Yanet  IIIII

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9 Sunny Notes:

Kerri said...

I think it looks awesome in your white kitchen!
You did a GREAT job!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

I think it looks great! I would of recreated myself also instead of buying it. :)

Kendra@Creative Ambitions said...

I like it... great job! I like the rust idea, too... hope the hubs wasn't too mad...LOL!

jamie said...

hey! thanks for visiting! i like the clean look of the sign in your gorgeous clean kitchen. but i know what you mean...needs something underneath it seems...i am sure you will figure it out.
fun blog.

Cassie Bustamante said...

i think it would like nice and more vintage-like if you distressed and antiqued it. i like it, but i do agree that something is missing. maybe that would give it some more character?

Brooke said...

I LOVE IT - job well done!!!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Very whimsical! I can see all kinds of cool touches in your home. I need to go hunt for a closeup of that chalkboard frame... yum!!


kopykatie said...

Great idea! I love that you used what you had.

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Love the sign! I would distress and antique if it was mine..