Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I Want to Remember About the SKBs of 2010

There are little things my boys do or say day to day that are funny or down right adorable.  At the time they happen I think I'm going to remember them always.  But as I am writing this post, I can only remember one.  And that's only because it JUST happened.  Next year I will try to be better about keeping track of these things.  I will start a draft post and keep adding to it as the year progresses to publish at year end.  For right now, I will just put on my thinking cap and do the best I can.

Sweet Note from SKB #1
I asked Sun Kissed Boy #1 if he could find my cell phone.  He brought it to me few minutes later.  He handed it to me with a kiss and a smile.  This is what was on the screen:

SKB #3 Learned to Dress Himself

The Day SKB #2 Said "What the F#@$"
It was late May and we were putting together one of his Lego sets he had gotten for his birthday.  I was putting the "machine" part together while SKB #2 played with the characters that he had put together, Buzz Lightyear and Zurg.  SKB #2 was pretending that Buzz and Zurg were fighting when I heard him say, "What the F@#$", in a squeaky voice.  I couldn't believe it so of course I asked him to repeat it.  I was dumbfounded!  After I got over my initial shock, I explained to him that it was a bad word and we don't use it.  He was never to say that word again.  He said ok and kept on playing happily.

A couple of minutes later I heard him say, "what the...".  He caught himself and stopped.  He looked over at me and said, "Me not say, what the f@#$".

When SKB #1 Picked an Outfit for Me to Wear... the bookstore!  Not sure what exactly he thought I'd be doing at bookstore wearing these shoes.

SKB #2's Last Pre-K Holiday Program & SKB #3's First

The Way the SKB #3 Monkeyed Around

In 2010 we had a little fun...

...a little sad...

...some cheesy smiles...

...and a whole lotta love!

Happy New Year, everybody!!!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Projects of 2010

Sun Kissed Boy #1 said it best when he said, "Our home has changed a lot this year"!  Here's a look at some of my favorite changes in our home.  Click on the red letters for the link to the post.

Turquoise Dresser found here and here.  
I found a really cool mirror, curbside, that I will be putting up on top of this dresser.  It will replace the picture frames on the wall.  Stay tuned for the reveal.

Chippy Old Window Frame here and here.

I've had so much fun redecorating, reinventing, and rearranging this year.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Your words of encouragement and advise have kept me going and for that, I am grateful.  I look forward to sharing more adventures in 2011!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Playroom Art Table

I couldn't stay away.  Turns out I'm a little addicted to blogging.  Plus there are some fun linky parties I want to join making it all that much tempting so here it goes.

I originally did this post when I guest posted at Kara Paslay Designs.  I thought I'd repost it here on my blog because it's one of my favorite projects from this year. 

My friend, Gina, gave me this little kids table for the Sun Kissed Boys’ playroom. 

It came from a private school that closed down.  The table is a very authentic school table.  So much in fact that it even came with gum stuck at the bottom of it. 
I haven’t had the heart to take it off. I find it cool and historic.  (I’m strange, I know.)

I wanted the table to have that old-world feel like it had come from a schoolhouse from many moons ago.  First thing I did was sand it completely.  Ok, Sun Kissed Husband sanded most of it for me because he knows how much I detest prep work.

I wanted to engrave it with an inspirational quote like a table I’d seen at Sticks and Bricks.  For the letters I used a metal letter stamp set.

Next, I stained the tabletop.

 After that dried, I gave it a very uneven sanding using a fine grit, wiped it, and sealed it.
The reason for the uneven sanding? Wood is not one even color and it certainly doesn’t age evenly either.

I wanted to keep the dark stain but the letters were not standing out as much as I wanted them to so I used a permanent marker to darken them.

For the quote, I turned to freelance writer, bkmackenzie of signedbkm. (I know my talents and being a wordsmith is not one of them.) I told her about my project and she came up with several different quotes for me to use.  I chose this for the table.
I have plans to use another one of her eloquent quotes in another part of the playroom.

For the legs, I gave them a sloppy coat of paint, distressed, stained, and polyurethaned them. 

I now present to you the ART TABLE in its place and in its use.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas

Our Christmas cards arrived three days earlier than the Shutterfly estimated time.  Great news since I was so late this year.

I’ll be doing only one more post this year but it won’t be until New Year’s Eve. Until then, stay safe, my friends.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Search of the REAL Santa

It started last year.  My then 7-year old asked but I was able to put off an answer.  This year he sat me down, looked me square in the eye, and asked what most parents dread to be asked at Christmas time.  "Is Santa real?"  "Oh, no!", I thought.  My mind raced with several responses to the question.  But my most prominent thought was... my baby is growing up.

I explained to Sun Kissed Boy #1 that different families have different thoughts about Santa.  In our house we Believe!  He went on to point out all the reasons he didn't think Santa was real.  Some of them being the fake beard and fake boots.  However, affirmation of Santa's existence came when we went to the mall to pick up my Mac.

"Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe."
                                                                       -Chris Van Allsburg   
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift Ideas

I wanted to share two things I found that I think are fabulous presents.  First up is a Target Gift Card.  Really, a gift card, Yanet?  That’s right.  But it wasn’t the gift card that attracted me; it was the “packaging”.  This gift card comes with Legos!!!

Thirty-one little pieces come in this cute little box for the little ones (or you) to build Bullseye the dog! 

It doesn’t cost anything extra but whatever amount you want to put towards the gift certificate.

Tip:  If you don't see them with their Gift Card selections, be sure to ask one of the sales clerks for help.  I've gone to two different Targets and they both, for some reason, have them stashed in the back.  

The second gift idea is a little last minute for Christmas but good to know for future gift giving needs.  It’s a blog book!  Did you know that you could have a book made of your favorite blog?  Ok, if you did then color me stupid.  I recently found out and I’m super excited about the idea.  Two companies that I found that do this are Blurb and Blog2printDisclaimer: I haven’t tried them so I am not endorsing either.  
Sample blog books from Blurb 

If your blog is public then you’re good to go.  You can also print someone else’s blog.  Let’s say you want to compile all of your favorite blogger's posts in one book, this is the way to do it!  You can arrange it by label or by date range.
 Sample book of my blog from Blog2print

In my case, I plan to have one made by label and print all of the Kids' posts.  It’s a lovely way to have the posts at my fingertips for years to come.

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