Monday, February 28, 2011

A Special Project

I had a couple of comments and e-mails about the corkboard frame I used on Friday's post.  

I used Photoshop Elements and Fuzzimo for the images.  Frame, corkboard, push pins and post-it note.


It was a busy weekend around here.  I scored some great finds in garage sales and I worked on a project I hope to share with you this week. But a good chunk of my time was spent helping Sun Kissed Boy #1 with his first school project.  The topic was Rosa Parks.

He had great ideas on what to research on the internet and how to translate it into a written report.

The project also required the students to make an informational poster.  This was what he came up with.

I was so proud of him and his enthusiasm to take on the project. Specially since it can be difficult to concentrate around here at times.

How did you spend the weekend?   
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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Boy of Many Hats

Earlier this week, Sun Kissed Boy #3 was a little under the weather so I kept him home from school.  He's all better now but the cold slowed him down enough for me to be able to catch his gorgeous lashes...

...and his bright, dark, brown eyes.

I enjoyed capturing his hat escapades...

...until his little body gave.

Have a restful weekend, everybody!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter

Are you a user of either or both?  I am a Facebook fan because it's easy.  Twitter, however, is another story.  As of late, I'm seeing the popularity of Twitter grow.  I was really hoping that it was just a trend that would fade, kind of like My Space did.  But they're becoming such a lexicon that is even engraved in hearts.

In my opinion, the use of social networking shouldn't require you to look up a tutorial.  That's right, I looked for a tutorial to learn me the darn thang!  It was helpful but the fact that I had to look it up kind of annoyed me.  There are terms such as mentions, RT, DM, hashtags...huh?  What in the world...?! 

3 Sun Kissed Boys does have a Twitter account (feel free to follow.  I'm trying to get better.) and I tweet every once in a while.  But most of my tweets are linked from the 3 Sun Kissed Boys' Facebook account (feel free to "Like"!).

I think I figured out that what bothers me the most is that, up until now, I'd considered myself pretty self-taught tech savvy.  But when I had to look up how to use a social networking site, I began to wonder.

So, am I the only dense one when it comes to Twitter?  Or is my brain turning mushy?
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're Throwing WHAT Away??!! {Rosette Mirror}

In an effort to keep me from crowding up my garage any more than it already is, I thought I'd start a new monthly series called:

You're Throwing WHAT Away??!!
In this series I will feature something that I've rescued from the trash, brought it home, and incorporate it in my decor.

My first salvaged piece is a rosette mirror that I found on bulk trash day.

No doubt part of the reason it was thrown away was because of these fading spots.  
It's one of the characters I love best about it.

I painted and distressed it.

I placed it on the fireplace mantel for the moment.

I feel the garage de-cluttering already!!  

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My BEST Craigslist Find to Date!

I know I've been showing a lot of things I bought lately.  Well, this is another one of those posts.  I couldn't resist because this deal is way too good to not share.  I promise I'll have a little project tomorrow.  

If I could give you just one Craigslist shopping tip, it would be have lots of patience.  You might not find exactly what you're looking for, if you look just one time, but if you keep on checking, chances are that you will.  If you're really persistent, chances are that you'll find it for even cheaper.

This was the case when I was looking for a white, slip-covered loveseat.  I wanted something like this.

I was looking for a white one but it had to have a slipcover that I can take off and wash, after all, this is a house of boys.  Everything I came across was between $200-$400 dollars.  But I'm too cheap to spend that kind of money on a Craigslist loveseat.  I was waiting to find one for around $100.  Then I found this.

Do you want to know how much I paid for it?

FORTY bucks!!! 4-0!!  It's in perfect shape. The couple I bought it from bought it from Ikea and were just using it in their home office. 
Crazy, right?!  Like I said, patience.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines or Halloween?

I can't get over the amount of candy my pre-schoolers came home with on Valentines Day.  It had me wondering if it was Valentines Day or Halloween.  
It had them climbing the walls, literally!
Isn't it fun being a kid?!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Entertainment

When you have kids, your house becomes accustomed to a certain noise level. Now, if things get little quieter, it's time to go and inspect.  This was the case in my house.  Then I found two of my little cubs.

What was keeping them so quiet?  Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi spinning round and round.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Etsy Purchase & Thank You(s)

I had been looking for a large funnel to turn into a pendant light ever since I saw it in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Antique stores, garage sales, and Craigslist were a bust so I tried Etsy.  But they were always more than what I wanted to spend.  Until one day, I found Gypsy Pearl.  She had this bad boy listed for $12 bucks!

And this funnel came with a little sister!

But that wasn't all, the Better Homes & Gardens magazine that featured an article about what to create with funnels was included too!

Thank you Gypsy Pearl for the fantastic bargain!

Since I'm spreading out the thank yous (what is the plural form of thank you?  Anyone know?), I want to thank the following ladies for passing down Blog Awards to me.  Some of them have been a while back, sorry about that.  I'm the worst procrastinator.  Here they are in order of lateness.  :)

Sunny of Life in Rehab
Sarah of Three Boys
Melissa of Mason Bay
Becky of Raw Potatoes

Thanks again ladies, I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No More Yellow Heads!

A few months ago, the thoughtful people of Lego world released a new set of Harry Potter Legos.

But they are no ordinary Legos.  These Legos had no yellow heads or hands!  

Not only are they skin-colored, they are two faced.  One side is happy, but when you twist it around, it's mad.

SKB #1 was REALLY excited about all this.  To tell you the truth, I didn't get what the big deal was about.  That is, until my Lego Indiana Jones key chain was missing a hand.  

I enlisted Sun Kissed Boy #2 to help me find a limb.  He came to me with this.

Well, I couldn't have a yellow hand and a skin-color hand.  That's crazy!  Now I understood Sun Kissed Boy #1's excitement.  SKB #2 went of and found what I needed.

Symmetry is a wonderful thing.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bistro Chairs

I'll admit, when it comes to decorating, I have quirky taste.  When I go to garage sales, if I see something that catches my eye, at a good price, I usually buy it.  This was the case with these bistro chairs I found for $5 bucks a piece.

When I got home, I found this in my This Old House magazine that had just arrived in the mail.

Then I remembered who else had bistro chairs around her kitchen table.

Maria of Dreamy Whites.  She even has them in different colors!

Speaking of Dreamy Whites, Maria recently opened up a store full of beautiful treasures.  Prepare to be transported to a lovely boutique in the French countryside.  Her store is a feast to the eyes.  

Here are my bistro chairs around my kitchen table.

I'm so glad to be in such good company with eclectic decorating taste.
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