Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do U Like-Like Me? Y/N

Not very long ago, I spruced up this blog site.  Now I'm wondering what YOU think of it.  Not only the looks but also content, font, color, tabs, easy to navigate, etc.

I am specially interested in two things content and loading time.  I struggle with content a lot.  Do you find it too random?  I use probably more picture than words so does it take a long time to load in your end?  You get the point.

I'm not good at subtlety, so I need honest and brutal truth.  Come on, I can take it.

I'm joining the Blog Hop from MeganDVD and My Repurposed Life. Thanks for the opportunity, ladies!  

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18 Sunny Notes:

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't change a thing. I think your blog looks great! I like blogs with white backgrounds because they are so much easier to read and view pictures on. Some get so busy that you get distracted. I love your header and tabs! Content is good, too, Not random :) xo

Amy Kinser said...


For real, I really do!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yanet!
popping in via the blog hop! really great blog! the banner is so adorable! my only critique is that everything is so large, i have to scroll left and right to see your whole page.. including the header. {have wide screen too} other than that.. great job! and ADORABLE boys btw!!
hope to see ya around my random neighborhood sometime! :)
many blessings,

michelle said...

I love you and your blog! I think that it is easy to get around and I LOVE your header! The only thing is what Tracie said above, I have to scroll a little bit to the left to see your posts but other than that, perfect!!

everything.beautiful said...

Popping in from the blog hop :)
I LOVE your design! It's gentle, it's subtle - it's CLEAN and I love me a clean lookin' site! Love the use of colors as well. Such an awesome title as well - I love that!!
It did take a while to load for me and for some reason (maybe this is just my computer??), it doesn't all fit on the screen so I have to scroll left and right to read. Not sure why? That might have nada to do with your blog!
Looks great - keep up the good work.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Hi Yanet, I love your blog! I alway love stopping by. I think it loads fairly fast. I'm not having a problem scrolling left or right. I do have a wide screen monitor. Or did you fix something? I love the clean look. I would love to add tabs like you have. I need to work on that to figure it all out.

Oh and I loved your previous post on your shopping trip. I'm trying to catch up with blogs, way behind!

Brenda said...

I love the look of your blog - the only thing I struggle with is the pale gray writing - I find it quite difficult to read. Everything else is great though.

COTTAG3 said...

I think it looks great and the recent changes you made look so good.

Judith @ Creating Balance said...

Hey! Great blog! New follower!

PRO: Easy to navigate

CON: It seems like there are different style fonts on every page I clicked on? And gray font needs to be a bit darker.

PRO: Love your labels + project links

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm just still back at the fact that I'm loving that header. How adorable is that sequince scattered everywhere? I have three boys of my own, just a tiny bit younger. I can't wait for them to look like that! Ha. I love, love, love your "wood" title graphic and the blue on white.
My only suggestion: I'm a sucker for a search button. I like to go right to what I'm looking for in a blog I love.
P.S. I'm totally a new follower. I'm off to go hop around your archives.

Cassie Bustamante said...

i already really like your blog as is and find it easy to follow and visually appealing and suiting you.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I love the makeover you gave your blog! I've never had a hard time getting your blog to load, and I don't mind random at all. I wouldn't change anything.

Sarah, Three Boys said...

I think it is perfect! In fact I forgot why I was here and commented on another post:) oops! See you around soon!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I love your title, header and the photo.
Your blog is easy to navigate, however I too have to scroll left to right (wide monitor) have never had to do that on a blog before.
I would love to see your followers have a little better real estate by moving them up a little higher.
I've been recommending to everyone that they fix their links to open in new windows.
great content, love the clean layout.
one little oops, you have my link labeled as Today's Creative Blog, it should read My Repurposed Life. :)
thanks for linking, adding the code for the blog hop. I hope you find this to be a good experience and even make some new friends!

Adkins Fam said...

I do like black on white. What about same font just in bold? Loading time is good for me!! LOVE your header :-D

Teachinfourth said...

I think it could look better...you know, pictures of me and all that.

Oh well, I guess even without shots of yours truly it still has a nice feel about it. It seems homey. Loads pretty quickly.

In other words, Teachinfourth likes it...

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Hello my dear and thank you so much for linking up! What a delightful little world you have carved out in the land of blogs here. The header is quite captivating...from the pic to the sequins....so cute.

My gentle suggestion is the same as Gail's. I think the 1st thing one should see on the side bar is you...you are the feature. The next element of interest should be your followers. People decide in less than 1 minute if they plan to follow. Tease them and make it impossible to NOT follow you by placing it in the sight line the moment they log into your world. Granted this is just a suggestion and this is your blog...but just give it a trial and see. I think you will be quite surprised.

Have a great weekend. I hope to see more of you in my corner of the world.


Unknown said...

Hi Yanet,

I just discovered your blog through ashleyannphotography, when she did your guest post last week. I think it's quite lovely! Being sort of random myself, I love the different things you post about, and I love, love, LOVE the photos!

For feedback purposes, your header banner is awesome, but perhaps a bit too large. Maybe it could be just a bit smaller, and you could also have a photo or something about yourself - since, as bloggers, we're always interested in seeing who the person behind the creativity is! I think that's my only feedback. Otherwise, thank you so much for sharing everything you share, and for creating such a lovely place to visit!