Thursday, February 24, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter

Are you a user of either or both?  I am a Facebook fan because it's easy.  Twitter, however, is another story.  As of late, I'm seeing the popularity of Twitter grow.  I was really hoping that it was just a trend that would fade, kind of like My Space did.  But they're becoming such a lexicon that is even engraved in hearts.

In my opinion, the use of social networking shouldn't require you to look up a tutorial.  That's right, I looked for a tutorial to learn me the darn thang!  It was helpful but the fact that I had to look it up kind of annoyed me.  There are terms such as mentions, RT, DM, hashtags...huh?  What in the world...?! 

3 Sun Kissed Boys does have a Twitter account (feel free to follow.  I'm trying to get better.) and I tweet every once in a while.  But most of my tweets are linked from the 3 Sun Kissed Boys' Facebook account (feel free to "Like"!).

I think I figured out that what bothers me the most is that, up until now, I'd considered myself pretty self-taught tech savvy.  But when I had to look up how to use a social networking site, I began to wonder.

So, am I the only dense one when it comes to Twitter?  Or is my brain turning mushy?
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8 Sunny Notes:

Teachinfourth said...

I just started up with Twitter, too, and I am a bit in the dark...I guess you could say that I feel like I've just hatched.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh you needed to follow a tutorial to Tweet after you mastered FaceBook, i'll continue to steer clear then. I don't get FB, i don't need to know instant updates on people's lives & Tweeting, so no . . . i don't mind getting the low down on a business i like having a sale, but otherwise, i'm actually very private, i only blog & keep things simple & not having people link all these images of me, back to me, it drives me nuts. Love Posie

Renee said...

I was just having a conversation about this with my sister yesterday. She said that once you get the hang of Twitter, it's easier than FB. Frankly, I have a facebook page, but I'm kind of at a loss. Never tried Twitter. Every time I try to post a listing to FB, I get my personal FB page instead of my business one...frustrating so I don't use it that much...I don't have the time!!!
Sorry, I'm just venting and not helping.

michelle said...

I have a facebook account which I am rarely on anymore and twitter is soooo beyond me that I am too afraid to even attempt it and I would probably forget to tweet or twit things!! :) Good luck!!

Fancy Vintage said...

So lovely to find your wonderful blog. I am new to blogging, facebook and twitter. I thought I'd may as well try flickr and linked in too. I Haven't really got the hang of twitter as I always want to talk more then the allowed space! I have found face book easier to update info and photos then my own website, so prefer that. I have 3 little boys too so was drawn to your blog name! Love it.
Take care for now,

missyg said...

I am a little overwhelmed by Twitter that I just haven't even ventured there yet.

ABBYTRU said...

I prefer Facebook better than Tweetter

Ashley said...

I have a facebook but I am about to block some people and dont I dont Twitter. I plan on just keeping up with my blog which is a struggle enough getting it just the way I want it!