Thursday, March 31, 2011

Idol Faves

Any American Idol watchers out there?  I've been a watcher for most seasons.  I can't believe it's been on for ten years now.  I wasn't sure I would enjoy it as much with the new line up of judges but I've been pleasantly surprised.  

Last year I picked a favorite early on, Crystal Bowersox.  She turned out to be the runner-up of Season 9.

Here is my prediction for the top three this round.  I should say, here's my wish for the top three.
Pia Toscano

Scotty McCreery

Paul McDonald

Source for all images is

We are in the middle of bedtime routines when the show starts so I always record it and watch it with the boys on Friday afternoons. But I sometimes always get impatient and watch it before with out them.  :)

What about you?  Any favorites so far are this season?
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He's Just a Romantic

Yay, I'm up and running again!  My Internet and phone service were down for two days.  Thank goodness for my iPhone or I might have gone through some serious withdrawals.


Every year, since kindergarten, Sun Kissed Boy #1 develops a crush on one of the girls in his class.  This year he was heartbroken to find out that his crush's true love is not him but none other than Justin Bieber.

I found all this out during a chat session we had yesterday during the rain storm.

While we drank hot cocoa, SKB #1 told me he couldn't believe she could prefer "The Bieber" over him.  

This was my perfect chance to tell him about being just friends.  (After all, he is only 8!)  I explained to him how great love can grow out of friendships.

As he watched the rain drops fall, he pondered on the thought a while.
He then turned to me and said, "Hey, did I tell you about the Phineas and Ferb show I saw?"  And with that, our deep conversation was over.


SKB #1 is not a Bieber admirer, however we still do have a loyal fan in our household.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Recurring Dream & Factory 20

I intended a different post for today but my Internet and phone services are down until Tuesday afternoon. (I'm not very happy with my decision to switch to Comcast right now.) But this is the only post I had drafted to completion and composing a post on an iPhone is proving to be quite difficult.

I do want to take a moment to thank all who commented and e-mailed me about Friday's post. Your kind words and prayers moved me more than I can ever express. Y'all are wonderful!

I have a recurring dream that I move into an old house, a REALLY old house, and while I am walking around it, I keep finding all these little hidden rooms full of wonderful vintage pieces.  One, after another, after another.  This is how I felt as I was going through Factory 20's inventory.  

Except I was awake.  

And it wasn't a house.  

And none of the pieces were mine.  

And I can't even afford them.

But other than that, it was just like my dream!

OK, just so you get an idea of the pieces I mean, I should introduce you to Factory 20.  In their website, they describe themselves as this: "Factory 20 is a multi-disciplinary art and design collective which strives to create an ever-evolving nonlinear consumer lifestyles collection." Got it?  Basically, they are an upscale antique store.  They also rent to movie/television studios, theaters, and/or photographers.  Their prices are WAAAAYYYY out of my budget but their items are my eye candy.  Let's take a gander around my old house, shall we?

While browsing, I stumbled on this image.
Well, I know what those are, Surveyor Measuring Sticks!  They have some for sale.

But I don't want them.  I already own one :)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Not All Is What It Seems

Some photographs portray exactly what they seem.  Kids enjoying a day at the beach, playing on the sand, frolicking in the waves.

Others are more complicated.  To a passer-by, this photo might simply 
be a grandma watching her grandkids play.
But they will miss the reality of said grandmother's 
brave struggle with the big "C".  

To an onlooker, this might just be a grandma taking
pictures of her grandbabies.
When in actuality, it's a grandmother documenting every 
moment in case her memory fails her.

To a stranger, this might look like it's a mom
taking pictures of the scenery. 
When the truth is it's a mom glad to be hiding
behind the lens to cover up her rolling tears.

To an unknown, this shows a mom helping out her mom.
When actually, it's a daughter brutally realizing that life,
indeed, does come full circle.

Then there's pictures that express a poignant sentiment.
The sadness of a daughter who's realized there's 
no such thing as immortality.
The sadness of a daughter's  inability to forgive quickly.  
The sadness of a daughter's every day's 
prayer to be able to do so.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Punches of Orange

Orange, specifically, red-orange is one of my favorite colors.  With spring upon us, it's a perfect accent color around my house.
Guess what?  I got this Pottery Barn pillow for $3 bucks at a garage sale!

Some of the pieces are out year-round.

Others come out just around spring time.

Tulips are my favorite flower so these get moved around a lot.

What color(s) do you love to bring out in spring?
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Restaurant Decor: Cafe Eleven, St. Augustine, FL

When we went to St. Augustine, we went to a great little spot for breakfast, Cafe Eleven.  Actually, the boys had breakfast (they have huge chocolate chip waffles!), Sun Kissed Husband and I had lunch.  Their Cali BLT is pretty darn tasty!

Cafe Eleven is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They have live music from local groups and they try to have a national band perform once a month.

The decorator in me couldn't help but notice (and wanted to emulate) the rustic decor.  Let's take a look around, shall we?

The pendant lamps are great on their own but the Edison light bulb was perfect for an even more of a retro feel.

The concrete counter top was made out of reclaimed lumber from the area.  I LOVE all the different colors and the worn/distress.

The aluminum stools and chairs screamed industrial!  They also screamed take me home but I didn't think the owner would have appreciated me offering $30 bucks for six of them (specially since they weren't for sale).

We didn't go back for the live music but it seems like a fun place to hang with friends (no kids).

I forgot to talk to the owner about what the flooring was made of but it reminded me of a finish you'd find in a garage floor.  It suited the laid back ambience of the place.

What do you think?  Do you ever visit a restaurant for decor inspiration

(Note: The above write-ups are strictly my opinions and no compensation was given for the content.)
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