Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Host {Donna of Funky Junk Interiors}

I have an on-going joke with my husband that he can look inside a refrigerator, find just a jar of mayonnaise, a jar of jam and somehow manage to make a gourmet meal out of the ingredients.  The same thing goes for my guest this month.  Only with her, it's trash!  SHE turns, what seems like, trash into funky and junky decor.  SHE can make a desk out of a pile of pallet rubble.  SHE is Donna of Funky Junk Interiors.

Now, she's amazing with power tools and all but do you know what I find even more amazing about this wonderful woman?  With almost 9,000 subscribers, she manages to respond to your questions to share her wealth of knowledge.  Through her blog, she brings you into her life and makes you feel like a friend.  Feeling down? Read a few of her inspirational posts and she will get ya out of that funk.  Plus, she has pretty hair.

And now, making gourmet meals out of mayo and jam, I give you Funky Junk Donna. 


Decorating with the things YOU love
How many times have you glanced through blogs or magazines, wondering if you ought to try this or get that?

Do you ever wonder if YOUR style is right? Does it measure up? What about 'real' designers, ever grimace when you know one is reading your stuff?

Early on, when I first started sharing what was inside my head, I feared pressing the publish post button. What if others laughed at what I did?

But there came a time when I just threw caution to the wind and allowed myself to just be me, no matter what. Can you imagine my surprise when I started getting kudos for some of the things I pulled out of my hat?

Today, the projects are growing a little bigger and braver. As I gain more know-how for building, it just gets easier creating what you desire to have.

Back to you. I'm not here to tell you you need to funk or even junk up your homes like I do and go for the salvaged look. If that's not your deal, that's ok! But what I would like to throw out there is, give yourself permission to be who you wish to be when it comes to decorating your home.

So, how do we go about defining what's really us? What if we feel we have no style? Here are a few suggestions in accomplishing a look that is right for YOU.

How to find YOUR style

Gather up inspiration

Inspiration will teach you what you love. Allow other design sources to speak to you. Gather up clippings, photos or posts on what you DO like. Soon enough, you'll see a trend towards repeated loves.

A wise friend told me to keep our 'card file' full. And the only way to fill it is to keep adding to it. 

Have you heard of Pinterest? It's an online photo storage area that allows you to 'pin' any photo from the net, maintaining the link to the originator. All the pins are shared so you can re pin what you see as well. This is a fabulous route to gather the goods where you don't crowd up your hard drive. Check it out!

Change as your desires do.

Would you believe I went through that pink and blue era? Everything was lacy, clean, and brand spankin' new out of the store back in the day.

Well... look at me now! :)

Our loves will morph and change as the years go by. We're influenced by what others do and what's in style. Allow that info to guide you, not control you, on how to achieve your OWN spin of what you love. And yeah, I give you permission to rip up the 15 year old carpet off your stairs and paint them up instead or something. :)

Strive for originality

Ever go into someones home that has the same side table as you? While that's not a bad thing, I'll admit when I struck out on my own direction, I started to feel more gratification and pride for my look. There's just something fascinating about having a one of a kind creation.

Perhaps that boring little side table could be treated in a unique way. Think outside of what you see, and attempt to see what it COULD become. That's the key on achieving original creations.

Bring home only the things you LOVE.

How often do you bring home great deals? We all love a good price, but if you don't absolutely positively LOVE the item? Save your pennies and valuable real estate for something that truly speaks to you.

But it was a good deal!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Here's a rule of thumb I run by myself when I come across a scream of a price. "Would I pay regular retail for that piece?" If the answer is yes, that means I'm getting it because I love it.

 Listen to your heart
When I was trying to figure out how to rebuild and decorate my kitchen, all things always led to white. At the eleventh hour, I reverted back to wood cupboards. While I'm actually very happy with them, I always wonder what it would be like to have gone with my dream kitchen instead. My next home WILL have those white cupboards. And if I can't afford to buy them, you can bet I'll try and make them. :)

Be proud of your home!

I don't love the outside of my house. I live in a typical  box style that would not turn your head as you drove by. The good news? I can like it because of what I do with my stuff.

We all dream of moving into that vintage farmhouse in the middle of a couple acres with a big 'ol barn out back. But I have a confession. I had that house before this one.  And while I have wonderful memories of every nook and cranny, I have one word to say about owning what you think is your dream home. IT'S ALOT OF WORK AND COSTS ALOT OF MONEY. Not just the house. The yard. The animals you'll ultimately want to try. The works.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming of something different than what you currently have. In fact, it could become a realistic goal! Just don't think TOO grand. Chances are, what you have right now is serving the purpose just fine for now, and remember, WE make our homes what they are, not the other way around.

Tired of it? Gut a room and change things around. This is my very survival technique of falling in love with my home time and time again. And quite frankly, I have a feeling I'll NEVER be finished at this rate. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have a little saying when I decorate.

"What's not to love when you surround yourself with all the things you love?"

Now go make it yours and fall in love! I did. :)

Thanks for having me over, Yanet!  I love your blog, your outlook on life, and your style is fabulous! It's an honor to be here. :)

Funky Junk Interiors


The honor has been mine, Donna.  Your optimism and go-get-'em attitude is quiet inspiring.  Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.

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22 Sunny Notes:

{northern cottage} said...

two of my fav girls in one place? Does it get much better? thanks and kudos to both of you for doing what YOU do!

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

So amazing and lucky you got her to guest host....she's my hero:)

I so want to turn our brand new hardwood stairs into sometime like hers....still haven't talked the hubby into it yet

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

How wonderful to see Donna here guesting for you! Great post Donna. She has such a talent to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Unique and different is the way to make your home special. Great advice.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Thanks so much for having me over, Yanet! And thanks for the kind words, friends! It was my pleasure to come play in Florida for a day. :) (I WISH)


Unknown said...

ooo... Donna I am just so happy things are taking off for you! You ARE inspirational, talented, sincere, friendly... and full of rust and patina and pallet slivers! ;) I LOVE reading what you wrote up there - especially what you wrote about our 'dream property'. I have a dream; but am trying to make the FEELINGS/behaviours/attitudes etc that I presume I would have/become if it WAS a reality and integrate them into my 'real' reality. And so I decorate around the kitchen sink, gather power tools, clean up my house so I CAN be creative etc and you and your blog have really inspired me to grab life by the power cord and see where it takes me!
AND now I have a new blog to follow - I have 3 boys too,(9. 5.5, 3.5) so I am sure I'll be able to relate... if they are the kind of boys who have been known to jump off the mantle, smash flat screen t.v. or get caught ON the neighbours garage roof! ;)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Great post Donna- love what you have to say "There's nothing wrong with dreaming of something different than what you currently have"
That speaks volumes to my own heart. Lately, I've dreamt of downsizing...maybe there is something to this. I need to pray about this and apply what I learn I appreciate your honesty in blogging and decorating- because you DO show us the real you!

Yanet I've only recently been reading your blog, but am enjoying it everybit!

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

Lovely post. Two of my favorite bloggers in one place! I agree with Anita.. you both help point my inspiration in the right direction... things that I like (not just whatever is showing up all over the blog-o-sphere).

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

GREAT post...both of you are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!!

Leen said...

Great post and at a perfect time, my new living room furniture arrives today and while I am usually full of ideas, I am stumped with how to decorate the room. Of course, I turn to Donna for inspiration! So glad it led me here! I look forward to perusing your lovely blog!

Homeroad said...

Great story! Donna I love your stuff. I follow my heart too, I get made fun of a lot but I'm not letting it bother me and I'm going with what I love. Thanks for your constant source of inspirations!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Fabulous tips! I especially like what you said about being proud of our homes, Donna. They can't all be older homes full of character right from the start. But we can give them character.

I'm glad you had Donna come guest post, Yanet! It was a good read.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Thank you so much for the
wonderful and inspirational post ~
I am kind of "stuck" on my
redecorating right now
because I just got busy I think ~
I am ready to keep on going and
just do what I love ~


Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

I followed Donna over from Funky Junk.

Donna, it might seem strange, but thanks for saying that you give permission to be who you wish to be in decorating.

I definitely make rules up as I go.

Interestingly, I think it was Alton Brown from the cooking show Good Eats who first gave me "permission" to break rules. He's always using off items - like a hardware store bench scraper for a dough knife. Or, a Zyliss pizza cutter (very cool) for a pasta, pastry, heck, grilled cheese - anything the kids need to cut without using a knife - cutter.

(If you don't have a Zyliss pizza cutter - get one. You will use it for so much more than pizza.)

And, now I look at things in my living room with the same eye. Hmm, I could really use a candy dish here. Hey, I have a vintage scale. Chocolate on one side - fruit candies on the other. Let's see which weighs more!

michelle said...

Great post and so inspiring! I love Donna's attitude toward life and her decorating is amazing as are her endless talents. It is great to give yourself permission to try new things but I love that she says to always stay true to you.

Thank you Yanet and I hope you are having a great week!

Kelli W said...

Her style is awesome! I love that bedspring board in the first picture! I wish I had an eye for junk. I love that she can take something no one else would even take a second look at and turn it into something amazing!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

"We all dream of moving into that vintage farmhouse in the middle of a couple acres with a big 'ol barn out back. But I have a confession. I had that house before this one. And while I have wonderful memories of every nook and cranny, I have one word to say about owning what you think is your dream home. IT'S ALOT OF WORK AND COSTS ALOT OF MONEY. "

Donna are you HERE?!!! [Looks around - ohmygosh, Donna is IN MY HOUSE."]

Really need this. I'm "stuck" lately. I have many things I love, a great old house, and am finding my old look just played out - but budget and fear keeps me from moving forward from here.

Love your blog and love that your guest gig found me a new blogger to stalk, er, follow.


Lila said...

Great post. I love Donna and all her junk. She is truly a sweetie as she does reply to my endless questions. I love how she said if she wouldn't buy it at regular price why buy it on sale. Great advice.

ellen said...

Slipcover everything in natural cotton duck or white denim is a great place to start. Then add whatever you love......works every time.....(at least that's what I think).

Donna.....you are so wayyyyy COOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Seriously, your lovely words are overwhelming. Thanks so much! I can only hope to keep inspiring you in the right direction. Love and enjoy where we're at, what we have and what we can do. :)


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