Monday, March 28, 2011

The Recurring Dream & Factory 20

I intended a different post for today but my Internet and phone services are down until Tuesday afternoon. (I'm not very happy with my decision to switch to Comcast right now.) But this is the only post I had drafted to completion and composing a post on an iPhone is proving to be quite difficult.

I do want to take a moment to thank all who commented and e-mailed me about Friday's post. Your kind words and prayers moved me more than I can ever express. Y'all are wonderful!

I have a recurring dream that I move into an old house, a REALLY old house, and while I am walking around it, I keep finding all these little hidden rooms full of wonderful vintage pieces.  One, after another, after another.  This is how I felt as I was going through Factory 20's inventory.  

Except I was awake.  

And it wasn't a house.  

And none of the pieces were mine.  

And I can't even afford them.

But other than that, it was just like my dream!

OK, just so you get an idea of the pieces I mean, I should introduce you to Factory 20.  In their website, they describe themselves as this: "Factory 20 is a multi-disciplinary art and design collective which strives to create an ever-evolving nonlinear consumer lifestyles collection." Got it?  Basically, they are an upscale antique store.  They also rent to movie/television studios, theaters, and/or photographers.  Their prices are WAAAAYYYY out of my budget but their items are my eye candy.  Let's take a gander around my old house, shall we?

While browsing, I stumbled on this image.
Well, I know what those are, Surveyor Measuring Sticks!  They have some for sale.

But I don't want them.  I already own one :)

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9 Sunny Notes:

Cassie Bustamante said...

ok, i have to tell you this! i know these guys. they go to an auction i sometimes go to, and get stuff dirt cheap and sell it for LOADS of money! they are seemingly nice guys- i have only talked to them maybe once or twice, but a friend of mine knows them so she told me about them.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

OMG You are FABULOUS. Seriously, if I could only stalk one blog ... :)

First, I would climb over my own Grandma (gently) to get to almost any one of those items but the shelving and the black console are a definitely "lookout Grammie!"

But wait! There's more! Can you BELIEVE I have a very similar - close to the "Drugs" sign in our barn? Yes, really. WHAT am I THINKING? Mine says "General Store" if I recall correctly and is hanging on a random wall above a tool bench.

Off to pry things off the barn wall ...

A Vintage Vine said...

O.K....that eye candy was off the charts!!! Thanks for sharing....I'll be there wondering around all day..."Factory 20" here I come!!!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Great finds! I just seen a Tydol sign at antique store this weekend. I think I may need to go back.

Thanks for your comment., Sorry I put no reply on there. Not sure how I did

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

That was fun! I'm so losing it because at first glance I read Mydol! But I love that drugs sign. I really love those colorful compass/clock looking things. And those stools.

michelle said...

Ooh what a fun site!! I love those stools and signs and clocks!! Going to go see what other goodies that I can dream about!

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing, Yanet!

I {heart} Nap Time said...

LOVE it all! SO fun! Just found your cute blog, Come by and visit me some time at I ♥ Nap Time.

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

YEAH! I have one of these surveyor measuring sticks in my entry way. I picked it up at the thrift store for a couple bucks. Everyone always ask me what it is, and I had no clue. although when I bought it, it had mud all over it, so I just assumed it was farming equipment. Now thanks to you I know. I'm going to go do some more research on it. Here is the link to mine if you want to see.