Friday, April 29, 2011

Guest Host {Gina of The Shabby Chic Cottage}

Sliding in before month-end is my Guest Host for April and I couldn't be happier.  I find her remarkable!  SHE is full of energy, kind, and business savvy.  SHE is none other than Gina of The Shabby Chic Cottage.

Gina not only has a wonderful blog, she also has a terrific Etsy store filled with handmade-to-order items! Here is just a sampling of what you can find there.  Click on photo for more information about the pieces.
When I said she's business savvy, it isn't just my opinion, the folks at Etsy think so too.  Etsy wrote an interview article in their blog about her.  You can read the interview here.
Take it away, Gina!

Hey y'all! I'm Gina from The Shabby Chic Cottage and I'm thrilled to be here on Yanet's blog today! Thanks so much for inviting me to join you!
I'm a sucker for a cute pillow, and I adore buntings, so I combined them together for a cute little bunting pillow cover. Wanna learn how to make one?
You'll need:
 two pieces of canvas cut into 17x17 inch squares
5 or 6 different fabrics - cut into 2 inch triangles - it will take 12-18, depending on how full you want it
a zipper
a pencil
a sewing machine
accent color thread and white thread
Let's get started. First draw your lines on the pillow lightly with a pencil or fabric marker. This will be the draping of the bunting. I used three swooping lines for the shape of my bunting.
Next take your triangles and space them out like you want, using the line as the guide for the straight top edge. If you want these to fray use them as is. If you want them to stay together use iron on fusible webbing on the back.
I stitched mine around all three sides of the triangles. You can use white thread or color coordinating thread to sew them down.
It looks a little crazy now, but we're not quite finished!
Next take your coordinating thread and carefully run a tight zig zag stitch over all of the pencil lines.
Now your pillow cover front is finished.
Just sew it up with the instructions found in my zipper tutorial found here.
And then you're finished - yay!
This cover can be made in so many color variations, the sky is the limit :)
Thanks, Yanet for inviting me today - it was a blast!


Isn't that pillow just adorable?!  If you love this pillow but don't have the time to make it, no problem!  Gina has taken care of that for you.  You can purchase it from her shop by clicking here.  Isn't she helpful?!  Thank you, Gina!  You're sensational!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

You're Throwing WHAT Away??!! {The Enneadecagon Bulb}

Today's You're Throwing WHAT Away??!! series is backwards.  I intended to show you a light fixture I found on trash bulk day before this one.  But that project is time consuming and I've been dragging my feet with it.  But I couldn't wait to show you at least part of it so here's the little surprise that came with that light fixture.

No, it is not a doorknob, it's an enneadecagon-shaped light bulb.  What in the world is an enneadecagon?  It is an object that has 19 sides.  It is also known as an enneakaidecagon.  There's your useless trivia info of the day.

That's right, this light bulb has 19 sides!

And to my even bigger surprise, it actually works!  So I couldn't just hide it under a lampshade. 

I have this little lamp that I got from Freecycle a while back.  I actually got two.  The other one I revamped in this post.  

The shade was perfect for what I had in mind.  But first, I had to strip it!

Then I sprayed the entire thing.

And I mean the ENTIRE thing!

Here's how it came out.

If you're wondering why I painted the cord, tune in next week to find out. 

Speaking of tuning in next week, I plan to finally finish the fixture this bulb came with.  Here's a sneak peak.  
So come back then.

And speaking of coming back, come back tomorrow to see April's Guest Host.  

See you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart This Dog

And I'm not the only one.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Weekend 2011

This weekend was one of those weekends that are so over-scheduled (by me, of course) that I was looking forward to Monday.  It started out with Good Friday.  We had a small service for my mom.  She would have loved the fact that we had a celebration of her life on such a significant Christian day.

Schools were closed so we headed to a late lunch and a little shopping after that.

Saturday we were treated to lunch and a movie courtesy of Burger King.

Burger King had a Bloggers event to promote their new chicken tenders.  
I had a chance to meet some local bloggers and their families and that is always welcomed.

Swimming is always in our schedule because it's just so darn hot down here already. So by the time we finally got to coloring eggs, it was way past everyone's bedtime.

But it was so much fun!  And I was actually able to be in one of the pictures this time.  (Thank you for playing photographer, honey!)

Our neighbors, Karen and Alanna, helped color and also baked delicious cupcakes for the boys.

I was under the impression that the kids would sleep in a little, since they went to bed so late.  I was wrong!  At 6:00 AM, Sun Kissed Boy #1 was up snooping for Easter goodies.  Then the hunt began.

Some families have game time, we have Lego time.  Sun Kissed Boy #3 was upset because the bigger brothers wouldn't let him help build.

He settled with a donut on mamma's lap instead.

But he's a persistent little guy.

Have you heard about Crayola's colored bubbles?  We have! If you love laundry as much as I do (insert sarcasm here), then have your kids wear little to no clothes while blowing these. You'll thank me later.  

And as I mentioned, it's been hot around here!

How was your Easter weekend?
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