Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet the Teachers of 2011

Today I'm paying tribute to the teachers of the Sun Kissed Boys.  I have enormous respect for teachers.  Lord knows I couldn't ever do what they do.  I have enough problems helping Sun Kissed Boy #1 with homework.   
If I could take Mrs. O through all of the Sun Kissed Boy #1's years of education, I would.  She genuinely loves all her kids.  To her, they are an extended family.  She's a think-outside-the-box type of teacher.  She knows that not all students are created equal and comes up with creative ways for them to learn.  When I asked my little non-school lover (a.k.a. SKB #1) at the beginning of the year what he liked best about school, his first answer was Mrs. O!  SKB #1 has made great academic strides and Mrs. O has been a huge part of that success. I will miss her immensely next year.  

Mrs. and Mrs. B (a.k.a. in this blog as The Bs) are not only teachers to SKBs #2 & 3, but are also my friends.  I've known these fantabulous ladies since SKB #1 started pre-school.  They both teach a program designed for children with developmental delays such as speech, motor skills, etc.  All of my boys have needed their help and have improved tremendously. The patience these ladies have deserve some kind of saintly award!  SKB #3 will be with them again next school year and I look forward to seeing their smiling faces every day. 

Ladies, y'all are not only amazing teachers but outstanding human beings.  Hats off to y'all!
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2 Sunny Notes:

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

What a great tribute! There are some fantastic teachers out there, and how wonderful that your sons have been able to learn from some of them!

Teachinfourth said...


I am so glad that you 'honored' those who help your boys...