Friday, June 17, 2011

Christmas Lights, They're Not for Everybody

I've always wanted to decorate my bedroom with Christmas lights year-round. But I have never done it in fear of it looking tacky.

In the movie Housesitter, Goldie Hawn's character expresses her fun and quirky personality by stringing Christmas lights along the top of the canopy bed.

Ryan Renolds and Abigail Breslin play father and daughter in Definitely, Maybe. They enjoy story time in her bedroom that it's sweetly decorated with Christmas lights running along the headboard.

There's nothing tacky about these inspiration photos.

Source: Songbird

Christmas lights in the bedroom, they are not for everybody.
But they are for me.

Do you have any decorating likes that some might consider "odd"?

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8 Sunny Notes:

Kelli W said...

I bet they are going to be gorgeous! One this I had is that a lot of lights have green wires. We just spray painted some outdoor lights white so the wires wouldn't be as visible next to our white pergola.

Screaming Meme said...

I like them when they are done right! :) Yay! Are you going to show us yours?

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Now I'm really curious! I want to see what you're doing! I love that all white inspiration picture.

michelle said...

These are so beautiful and how fun and kind of romantic to have these in the bedroom! I can't wait to see what you are doing. :)

Amy Kinser said...

I bet they will look beautiful.

Teachinfourth said...

Growing up, my sibs and I used Christmas lights in our rooms all the time...

Holly said...

Wow, those are some pretty inspirations right there. Love the Apartment Therapy picture the most.

As a teen, I kept Christmas lights up in my room. I just taped them to the wall near the ceiling. Weird, I know, but I liked the soft light they gave.

I don't know if it's weird, but I have stencils throughout my house, even on the front outside wall. My MIL calls it whimsical.

Dan said...

The lights need to be simple and/or understated to add some ambiance. There are some pixie white Christmas lights out there that also make for great decoration