Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Overheard Conversation About the Bedroom

When I started redecorating the master bedroom, I gave myself a deadline of Tuesday, June 14th (yesterday). That was the day Sun Kissed Husband was due to arrive from his fishing trip. He had no idea what I was up to. 

Tuesday came and I was not nearly done.  The boys and I went to pick up Sun Kissed Husband at the airport and on the way home, I figured I'd give him the heads up that we'd be sleeping in the living room.  The conversation went something like this.

Me:  So listen, I thought I'd do a little redecorating in the master bedroom and I was hoping to be done by the time you got back but I'm not.  

Husband: [In a leery voice] Ok.

Me: I'm just giving you the heads up because things in the house look a little different than when you left.

Husband: Please tell me I don't have a suitcase and a chair as a night table.

Me: I promise you don't have a suitcase and a chair as a night table.

[Sun Kissed Boys #1 chimes in.]

SKB #1: You should see the bed, dad.

Husband: You didn't get rid of our great bed, did you??!!  I love our bed!

Me:  No, I did not get rid of our bed.  I love our bed too.

Husband: [To SKB #1] Oh, what is your mother doing to me, son?

SKB #1:  I know what you mean, my man, I know what you mean.

In case you're wondering, this post is peppered with pictures of projects that I'm working on or have completed for the room.

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4 Sunny Notes:

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Lol, I wish I could have seen his face when he walked in. Did you get a picture by chance? :)

Kelli W said...

Too funny! I'm loving the colors from the sneak peek pictures:)

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, that is funny! I love the fabric you're using. I'm excited to see the whole thing!

La said...

That is adorable. I hope you are able to complete the room soon.