Monday, August 8, 2011

Tropical Japanese Garden

Every time I go somewhere on vacation I am drawn to the architecture or decor of the homes or places I visit.  When I went to Naples last year, I wrote about the striking doors of the beautiful homes I saw. Earlier this year, when I visited St. Augustine, I couldn't help but love the salvaged-decor at Cafe 11.

On this last vacation to Ft. Myers Beach, it was my friend, Elda, that found this gem of a place and just new I would love to photo shoot. She was absolutely right!

On the opposite side of the beach, behind the stepping stones, and over the little bridge was a beautiful japanese garden.

Full of little nooks to gather for private conversations. 

With stoney paths always leading to a comfy spot for mellowing out.

With a place for dinning al fresco if the mood arose.

Of course, any beachside retreat begs for a hammock.

And a Japanese garden is not complete without water features and beautiful flowers. 

This is the home that houses this haven.
The owners live on the top floor and rent the bottom one. 

I'm sure this luscious garden requires a lot of upkeep. But after visiting the zen-like space, I am glad someone does.  
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1 Sunny Notes:

Teachinfourth said...

It looks deserted, though I'm pretty sure that people were probably around.

Beautiful though...absolutely beautiful!