Friday, October 7, 2011

Changes {Our Nightly Routine}

I was talking to a friend last night that I haven't spoken to in years. When we first met, her son was the same age as my oldest, 9. Her "baby boy" is now 28 years old and about to become a partner at a law firm. 

This got me thinking about something I often hear from parents of older kids. "Enjoy it now because time flies and they'll be out of the house before you know it". It's hard to understand that concept because time seems to crawl with my little ones. But then maybe not. Just this past weekend I was texting with Sun Kissed Boy #1. Texting! When did this baby learn to text?

That, of course, sent my mind spinning thinking about the recent variation in what is the most notable day-to-day change, our night routine. 

There was a time where I sat and read to such said baby. The baby now reads to his younger brothers on one side of the couch... I sit on the other and fold laundry.

There was a time I quietly kissed the baby and his lovey goodnight as I tucked him in.

Now the baby has a lot to say before the kiss goodnight. Kissing the lovey goodnight is only optional.

Side Note: Ignore the haggard/worn look about me in the above shot. It's my end-of-the-day look. I don't know what happens. I wake up looking like this! :D

Even though the adjustments to our night routine make me realize that time is going by fast, they are welcomed changes. They let me see what a wonderful young man my oldest baby is becoming. They keep strengthening our bond as mother and son. Our nightly talks reinforce our close relationship. They make me think I will one day miss this night routine too.
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Renee said...

Well, I'm reading this after having a nice dinner with my oldest baby up in Massachusetts where he goes to college. We had to grab a quick dinner because he had lacrosse practice, but we will meet again in the morning for breakfast and then spend the next two days together...just us two! It's so different from what you are dealing with yet it's so nice to talk to my baby as an adult (well, almost). It does go fast and I am lucky enough to have an 11 year old so I am soaking up all my time with him. Enjoy your talks...we had those, too, and then they went away, but it all comes back in a totally different way...different, but great.

Teachinfourth said...

The great thing is, you'll have other things you'll love about the next stage, too...


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I agree with Renee. It does all come back, just different. There are day when my two oldest will call and be all chatty. I love that!

Holly said...

What a sweet post. I love that your oldest reads to his little brothers and that you kiss the lovies as well as your boys.

And, you look marvelous morning and night!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Every stage of being a mom is an adventure. It's all different, but all wonderful. It is smart to take time now to talk with your boys~they'll be much more likely to confide in you later. I love that picture of your little ones leaning on their older brother as he reads to them. Priceless!
My oldest son called me once and asked me how you know if you're really in love. Hello? Really? He was asking me! It was great.

Blogger said...
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