Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Host {Melissa of 320 Sycamore}

Happy Monday, everyone! My Guest Host today is Melissa from 320 Sycamore

Melissa keeps busy with her little family of seven.

Yet she manages to blog about her amazing projects (click on photos for more details).

She also shares great sales or discounts she comes across at stores she's visited. Thanks to Melissa's heads-up, I was able to snatch this patio furniture set at Target's end-of-summer sale for 75% off!
(It has been raining here all day so I couldn't take pictures of my set.)

Today, Melissa's sharing her adorable Halloween mantel she created for her little ones to enjoy. The floor's all yours, Melissa!


Hello! I am Melissa from 320 Sycamore. I’m honored to be here at 3 Sun Kissed Boys, especially since I have 3 boys of my own!

These boys love spooky and scary and spiders, so we decided to make the downstairs mantel just for them, on a budget of course. You see, here is my nice, non-offensive wannabe mantel upstairs:

and here is their spooky one downstairs:

Downstairs is obviously where the fun is…

The pumpkin topiaries are just some old flower urns I spray painted black and stacked some $1.29 pie pumkins from the grocery store.

The silhouette spiders are Martha Stewart from Michaels big Halloween clearance last year: a dad, a mom, and 5 little ones, just like our family :)

The ghosts were super fun to make: cheesecloth drenched in liquid starch, and then placed over a ball on a stand to let dry and eyes cut from black paper.

Don’t they look like they have a mysterious spell cast on them?

The branches are courtesy of some backyard bushes: free! and the stretchable web was also from clearance last year~we put some lights underneath to give it more of an eerie feel.
The boys made the faces on the pumpkins and they are ready to be carved.

Thank you for letting us hang out with you here today, Yanet! You are all welcome to come visit anytime at 320 Sycamore!


Thank you for coming by today, Melissa.  

Be sure to visit her warm home at 320 Sycamore where friends are always welcomed!
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5 Sunny Notes:

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the ghosts! How long will the stand like that?

Rachel said...

So cute!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love this. So darn cute! Melissa's blog was one of the first blogs I found when I discovered blogging. I have always enjoyed seeing her posts and have found some great deals also thanks to her!

Cassie Bustamante said...

i love that spooky decor! it's amazing!

Melissa said...

Kimberly~if you drench it in the liquid starch and let it completely dry, they are actually really stiff and should stand until your toddler sits on them :)