Friday, October 14, 2011

Will You Marry Me, Mommy?

I remember reading about it in baby books. Then one day, there was Sun Kissed Boy #1 with his little arms wrapped so tightly around me, looking up at me with his big brown eyes and asking me to be his bride. I was so touched by the question. I think I might have teared up. 

Fast forward five years and he's gotten over that. But then another little admirer was born.

If you're the mommy of boys, you're probably familiar with the fact that little boys want to marry their mommies. And as strange as it may sound, it might be even stranger to hear that as a mommy, it is a welcomed question.

I'm not sure what the psyche around that is. I would guess it's just a form of flattery. Like when your little ones tell you that you're the prettiest person in the world.

It's sweet when kids see you through rose colored glasses. When the spectacles come off, it only makes you aware that they are growing up before your very eyes.

Sun Kissed Boy #2 wants to marry me, but only when he gets bigger. According to him, right now I'm just his girlfriend. Last night he stood up on a chair and said, "I'm big enough. Now I can marry you!" Rose is a pretty color.
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8 Sunny Notes:

Teachinfourth said...

Yanet, your thoughts and images made me smile this made me remember way back when I wanted to marry my mom.

Renee said...

Yes...I believe only two of my boys wanted to marry me. The last little guy never said that...hmmm.

COTTAG3 said...

My son is now 14 and although he certainly no longer wants to marry me, he says he likes "hanging out with me" and that he has the "best mom ever." Every few months, ever since he was little, I always ask him how his childhood is going and he always says "it's awesome." I love that.

Your boys have the most gorgeous eyes. You are really going to have problems when the girls start coming around :)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh how I miss all the sweet things the boys said when they were little. Every once in awhile I'll get something nice out of them still :)

@Dayngr said...

I adore your blog. Such sweet stories!

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

I'm kinda bummed, Porter has never said he wants to marry me...but Brooklyn tells her dad ALL the time she's going to marry him!

michelle said...

I love it when my son tells me he wants to marry me, it is a wonderful feeling. I am hanging on to those moments for dear life because I know how fast they grow.
I hope you are doing well and enjoy your week.

Holly said...

Love it, friend! Being the mom to little boys is special. (And hey, maybe we can get ours together some time.)