Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Cards Revisited

It was a productive weekend in our household. I took Christmas decorations down and Sun Kissed Husband put the boxes away in the garage. I wasn't ready for everything to be put away so I left some things out that look more winter-y. 

As I was taking down decorations from the tree, Sun Kissed Boy #2 offered to help. I didn't want him handling my delicate ornaments so I gave him the task of taking down the Christmas cards from the display.

Every year I save picture cards that we get and display them along with the new ones. I usually place the current year's card on top. It was so fun to look through the cards with pictures of friends and family and seeing how the kids change year to year.  

Sun Kissed Boy #2 is fascinated by the fact that his has cousins. Sadly, they live out of state and he has not met them all which makes these cards all the more precious.

As soon as he finished, it didn't take long for a Lego friend to join the party.

Revisiting all the Christmas cards slowed down our progress a little bit. But sometimes we just have to enjoy the moments.

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6 Sunny Notes:

Cassie Bustamante said...

that is really sweet! i am horrible... i used to save all the photos we got from people, but i don't anymore. i feel awful not, but if i do it is just more junk to have in my house!

Kelli W said...

We cleaned and put away all our Christmas stuff this weekend too...but I threw away all our cards. I feel bad doing it, but I have enough clutter already:)

michelle said...

Great display and how cute is he looking at all the cards. That is great that he can look at past cards and see his cousins and family friends through the years.

Susan said...

Too cute! Love that last shot, so funny!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I've never thought to save the photos like that, and layer them. It's a good idea.

@Dayngr said...

Fantastic idea and super way to display them!