Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dollar Store Trip Surprise

This weekend Sun Kissed Boy #1 & 2 earned some money by washing our neighbor's car. SKB #1 chose to save it, while SKB #2 couldn't wait to spend it! He knew exactly what he wanted. A checkers game. 

After searching online and not being able to find one for less than what he had to spend, I decided to take him to the Dollar Store. This was his first trip to the store. Getting the concept that everything in the store was a dollar was a little hard for him to grasp. Our conversation went something like this:

SKB #2: Mommy, wait. EVERYTHING in this store is 1 dollar?

Me: Yes.

SKB #2: [Picks up a random item.] This is a dollar?

Me: Yes.

SKB #2: [Picks up another random item.] THIS is a dollar?

Me: Yep. [I point to several random items.] This is a dollar, this is a dollar, and this is a dollar. This here is a dollar too! 

SKB #2: Um, mommy, I can by something for the brothers AND you!

Me: You sure can, baby.

Sun Kissed Boy #3 got a hot pink monkey he now call Funbrain that he loves to play with AND wear.

I got a whole package of bendy straws for guess how much? A DOLLAH!

For Sun Kissed Boy #1, he picked trading cards.

But here's the twist, that night at dinner when we were discussing our favorite part of the day, I expected the Dollar Store trip to be his favorite. But instead, this is what he said:

SKB #2: My favorite part of the day was meeting that little girl at Ms. Adeline's office.

He was referring to a five-minute conversation I had at the PTA's office where the PTA president had her 5-year-old daughter with her and they played for the short time that Ms. Adeline and I spoke.

Me: Really? Not the Dollar Store trip?

SKB #2: That was only my third favorite.

Me: So what was your second?

SKB #2: Having enough dollars to buy something for the brothers.
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6 Sunny Notes:

Nicole Rene said...

Aw! This is such a precious story!!!! :) The monkey part made me laugh & his quotes are so cute! I love it when kids say things that just make you smile. How adorable! Sounds like you have a great little boy who is going to be stealing some little girls hearts! :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are handsome! I love the dollar store, It can seriously make a child happy! we have random trips there!

Renee said...

Great story!! Such a sweetheart. We often take trips to the dollar store and our first visit was basically the oungest couldn't get over the fact that everything was a dollar! Do you guys have a 5 Below store there, too?

Kelli W said...

What a sweetie! Are those pics that you took with Instagram?!? How did you get them into a blog post? I tried, but I can't figure it out!

michelle said...

That is too cute, I love Funbrain Monkey! :) Looks like SK#2 has found a little sweetie. ;)

Teachinfourth said...

What an absolutely great kid!