Friday, January 20, 2012

A HUGE Giveaway for Baby & Mommy

Today I will be making an appearance at Live Miami, a local NBC show. I will be talking about the blog as well as introducing some terrific products for mommies and babies.

I thought it'd be fun to host a BIG giveaway of all of the items I'll be discussing on the show. So kick back and read about all these great items, find out where to get them, and find out how one lucky winner can win them ALL!

Sidekick Child Carrier Diaper Bag (

Sidekick is the first and only full-size diaper bag with a built in child carrier. Adjustable strap allows you to carry baby at either hip. Includes spacious compartments and pockets for all of baby's and mom's things, such as cell phone and baby bottle pockets, bottle/snack pouch, changing pad sleeve (w/included changing pad), and more.  

Baby-friendly fabric easily wipes clean.  All in a very stylish, hip design. Multiple colors to choose from. The Sidekick is designed for infants and toddlers up to 35 pounds and between 6 months and 3 years of age. Sidekick retails for $120 and can be purchased online at and at retail stores nationwide.

LegRuffles (

Legruffles are a ruffle-themed legwarmer and armwarmer knitted with a beautiful cotton blend yarn giving a soft, flowing feel. Comes in a wide selection of solids and stripes with various trims, including a stylish Vintage Lace and cute Cha-Cha with ball fringe

Sizes include "Nubies" for newborns to 6 months, "Regular" for older babies and young children and "Longes" for tweens and adults. Priced between $12.50-$17.50, LegRuffles can be found at 

Peekaru Hoodie 

Like your favorite hoodie, made for two. The Peekaru Hoodie is cozy soft and fits over you and your baby, keeping you close and warm even as the temperature drops. The Peekaru Hoodie fits over any soft baby carrier, including Baby Bjorn and Ergo, as well as a variety of mei tais, ring slings, and wraps.   

The Peekaru Hoodie is comfortable for temperatures from 45–65 F, and is perfect for everyday outings like a trip to the zoo or an evening sunset walk. When the temperature drops further, bundle up with your own coat over the hoodie and you’ll both stay toasty warm. The Peekaru Hoodie can be worn on your front or your back;  just flip the hood into a chic cowl neck if you decide to wear your baby on your back. 

You can find the Peekaru Hoodie for $64.95 at  

Baby B'Air Flight Vest 

The FAA-approved Baby B'Air Flight Vest is the only safety solution for lap held infants while traveling in an airplane, securing them safely to their parent so that both baby and parent are comfortable and there is no squirming or potential for baby falling. The Baby B'Air is worn by the infant like a vest. 

Constructed of 100% cotton and comfortable to wear for baby, the Baby B'Air is used by simply connecting it to the seat belt of the adult. The baby can then be held, fed and even changed while both parent and child remain securely fastened in their seat. 

Retails for $34.95 at

Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear 

Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear lets little ones take their first steps in style, coming in styles like "City High Tops", "Mary Janes", "Ballerinas" and "Oxfords". Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear is as healthy for baby as it is stylish, made of certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes. 

Each pair of Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear has anti-slide soles to stabilize babies' little feet and elastic ankle bands to keep them on. Retail for $4.99 per 2-pair box, and at Walgreens stores throughout North America.

Emily Diaper Skin Soother 

Emily Diaper Skin Soother is the most natural diaper rash cream on the market as well as the most effective. Made of just 6 ingredients: organic sunflower oil, natural beeswax and 4 natural wildcrafted herbs - frankincense, red peony root, dictamnus root and phellodendron bark. No fragrance, no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients of any kind. 

It is designed to soothe and heal any type of diaper rash or irritation, whether caused by heat, fungus, moisture, bacteria or allergen.  

Retails for $14.00 per 1.8 oz jar. Available online at or at retailers throughout North America.


BabyBriefcase is a document organizer designed specifically for parents and their babies and toddlers, particularly useful and important for health-related documents. Stylish and charming, the mom-invented BabyBriefcase stores all the documents and information relating to a new baby in a way that makes everything easily accessible whether at a hospital, doctor's office, on vacation or anywhere else. 

Every document that deals with the new baby has a special place for it in the BabyBriefcase so that if an emergency arises, parents don't have to sort through to find what they need.

BabyBriefcase retails for $29.95 and can be purchased online at or at retail stores throughout North America.

Giveaway includes:

One (1) Sidekick Child Carrier Diaper Bag
Two (2) Pairs LegRuffles
One (1) Gray Peekaru Hoodie
One (1) Baby B'Air Flight Vest
Three (3) Boxes of Zach & Chloe Baby Footwear
One (1) Jar of Emily Diaper Skin Soother
One (1) BabyBriefcase

To enter to win simply leave a comment by clicking "Post a Comment" below. If you're Anonymous, please be sure to leave an e-mail address where you can be contacted. 

You have until Wednesday, January 25th to enter. I'll be announcing the winner Friday, January 27th. Winner will be chosen using Good luck!!

For the behind-the-scenes and a clip of the segment, click here.
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37 Sunny Notes:

Alicia said...

SUPER Awesome!

Jamie said...

HOW AWESOME ARE YOU,I just found out I am pregnant(it has been 11 yrs now since son #1)and of course I have nothing ans this would be GREAT to win.

That is so gracious of you to reach out to others and give them a chance to WIN some great items.

Many Blessings on your TV debut,lol

Anonymous said...

Oh please please please count me in! i'm crossing my fingers!!!!! Loving this giveaway!


Kelli W said...

Wow! So much great baby stuff. I guess I could always give some of this stuff as gifts...or maybe if I win we will just have to have another one:)

katychick said...

oh wow- those are amazing products- wish i could watch the show but looks like i am going to miss it. I love- love the hoodie made for two.
tcogbill at live dot com

thanks so much for the chance

Wellman Family said...

I just had a baby girl in November, the items would be awesome to have!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Tell us how it went! I'm betting you're a natural on camera. :)

I love how ingenious these products are! That hoodie for two is awesome! My daughter would get a kick out of all of this.

brandy32 said...

hi i love all the baby stuff i am going on 31 weeks i love this giveaway.

Stephanie V. said...

Wow! All of these are awesome!! I'm a mother of four,my youngest daughter is 4 months, and I can certainly use all of these! Thanks for the opportunity.

NiCoBoOsMoM said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR GIVEAWAY!!! The products are incredibly cool and novel. I can just see me and my little one rocking them now! *Hoping and wishing we get the chance to. Thanks so much!

Ash said...

There are so many awesome things in here! especially great for baby shower gifts


Clifford Jeffery said...

Wow! I have followed your blog for quite some time and have always loved it but now ANOTHER reason to love it. Thank you so much for this chance!!!
cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com
Kristen Jeffery

Monica said...

I saw you on television today and absolutely loved some of the baby items you were demonstrating. I'm currently pregnant with a baby girl and am due in March and would love the little leg ruffles and the cute little socks. The file organizer also seems like an amazing product. Can't wait to keep up with your blog to see what other cool stuff and ideas you have in store. Thank you- Monica

Domestic Diva said...

Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

vivaciousgold said...

What great products these are- very convenient and conventional for the mom and baby!

coleycoupons said...

what an amazing giveaway.. what a blessing all of this would be with no 2 on the way!

Dee said...

This would be soooo amazing! I'm pregnant with #3(due next month) and had never heard of many of these products before reading this. This is my 1st that I'll be having in the winter months and think the peekaru hoodie looks so awesome! Baby is a girl so the legruffles will just add to the cuteness! ;) Thanks again so much for the chance!!

Kat said...

I am sooo pumped up with this giveaway, it actually makes me wanna shop! :) I am crossing fingers now so I don't burn too much cash hehe

katch05 at gmail dot com

Nicole Rene said...

This stuff is awesome! I'd love to be entered into win! I'm throwing my cousin's (who is more like a sister..) baby shower in March and she is due on April 26th! I know she'd love all this & it would be awesome to get some gifts for her!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

Katrina said...

what an amazing giveaway!! thank you for the chance! With 2 girls I could use all of that stuff!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

sherry L. said...

Thanks for a great giveaway!!

Laura Love said...

I would absolutely love to win this for my first baby - due in March. What a wonderful group of baby products - they look amazing!

lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com
Laura Love

Danielle K said...

Amazing giveaway...thanks so much!

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness you are totally famous! :-)

What cute products. I love the ruffle leg warmers and socks.

Hager_Kristen at hotmail dot com

April G said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing giveaway!


Jodi Faye said...

What awesome prizes! We are expecting baby #5 in April...would love to win :)

joditrinklein at

Taryn said...

Love love loved this post and the items featured!!

As a new mom, these were great suggestions and so unbelievably practical.

I hope I'm a lucky winner- oh the places I'd go with the sidekick!

-@TarynP /

Unknown said...

Eeee! What awesome stuff! I've never even heard of that sweatshirt but it looks perfect for evening strolls! Super excited about this giveaway!

amdierm at gm ail d ot c o m

Unknown said...

wow! what a fantastic giveaway!!! just had my babe and hope we win

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway...good luck to everyone

Dayna said...

The diaper bag/baby carrier is AMAZING!! Perfect for shopping.

fluttermama said...

What an amazing giveaway. I would LOVE to win.

Holly said...

Could I just take one of the babies? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think these are a big things for a mother-to-be or the mother for her baby. Since all these baby products are really a good one. These can also be used as a gift for the birthday parties and baby shower program.
cheap baby products

Unknown said...

I'm at my fourth month so pretty early and haven't bought anything yet for m end baby. So this would be a great start!

Unknown said...

This would be so cool!!! Love the peekaru!!

Unknown said...

This is such a great opportunity ! I am a first time Aunt and my niece is has been the biggest blessing to me this far in life. she is my world right now! She is just the cutest little thing. I love the peekaru hoodie especially with the cold weather coming up and the leg ruffles and socks she would look absolutely adorable in. You have a lot of great ideas and I cant wait to continue to see what you come up with ! Thanks so much -Makala