Monday, January 2, 2012

MY HGTV Dream Home 2012!

Today Sun Kissed Husband and I watched HGTV Dream Home 2012. To my surprise, the boys were glued to the TV right along with us.  

We have it all figured out. This gorgeously decorated home, on the Provo River near scenic Park City, UT, will be our vacation home. We'll rent it out when we're not using it just so we can afford taxes.

While we watched we talked about our favorite rooms and the boys called bids on which room would be theirs. Sun Kissed Boy #1 pointed out that this should be his room because the flag and the TV was "all him". 

I was disappointed that this year's house didn't have a kids room as previous years. But the little boys didn't care. After I pointed out that this little alcove off of the family room was like a little Harry-Potter-under-the-stairs kind of space, they are super excited to make it their own.

My mother-in-law, Marilyn, lives with us so the boys found this sunny room perfect for her. 

Marilyn is wheelchair-bound so we decided that certain adjustments will need to be made. Such as making the shower accessible for her. 

Sun Kissed Husband loves to BBQ so this fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a TV and a fireplace is his favorite.

I'm in love with the Great Room because of all the french doors flooding it with natural sunlight. Boy, the photos I can take here!  

Of course, we all are in love with the majestic views of this house.

Boy, the photos I can take HERE!!

All right, so it's not ours... YET! But it's sure fun to dream, isn't it?! If you want to dream right along with us, click here for a 3D tour. For a chance to make your dreams a reality, click here to enter to win it!

Good luck to us all!!
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4 Sunny Notes:

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, you absolutely need to win it! Provo is less than a day's drive from where I live!
I'm off to take the tour!

michelle said...

Happy New Year Yanet!!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!!
OK, I am so coming to visit you in your new home!!! :) This is gorgeous!!! I think I could spend all my time outside. :)
It is fun to dream, I seem to do it lots. :)

Karrie said...

How funny!!! My nieces and nephew have their dreams set on that home too! My 10 year old nephew is all set to move to Utah and have his mom homeschool them! LOL!!
He took my mom and I on the full tour and talked us into entering too!! Competition is on!

Cassie Bustamante said...

yes, i think i could live there. sigh.