Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Winner for Folk Magazine

I never heard back from the original winner of the Folk Magazine subscription so I drew another number. The new lucky person is...

Suzanne of Meridian Road! I've gotten to now Suzanne through our blogs and I could not be any happier for her. Congrats, lady! I'll be contacting you soon.
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A Package from the Cousins

After impatiently waiting, the boys were thrilled to receive a response from their cousins. Two things made this delivery even better 1) the package included a CD slide-show of pictures, letters, drawings, crafts, and candies; and 2) it arrived the day before Valentine's Day.

The slide show, with lots of pictures from the cousin's summer vacation, was so fun to watch. The music in the background made it even funner.

Sun Kissed Boy #3 could not sit through the entire picture show. The music would not let his dancing feet be still. After the two boys viewed all the photos, we had to run it again just for the music. They wanted to join in the dancing too! 

At the point, Sun Kissed Boy #3 silently excused himself from the dancing and quietly enjoyed some of the sweet treats that came in the package. :D

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys & White

Once in a while, I get asked how I can live in a house with light color walls, white furniture, three boys, AND a dog. Since our living room has white furniture, people sometimes assume that it's one of those rooms in the home that no one ever frequents. The truth is that, with the exception of the formal dinning room, every room in our home gets used on a daily basis.

And when I say used, I mean USED!

What's my secret? Slipcovers and time-outs. I don't think I'd dare to have white furniture without them being slipcovered. They get washed about once a month. I could do it more often but laundry is already an issue around here. 

I still battle this little innocent-looking face to not use the walls as his canvas. But for that I just use soap & water or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser... and time-outs.

Then there's Cooper the dog. He sneaks on this couch to not miss a thing going on outside.
He doesn't really "sneak" since, as you can see, he does it right in front of me as I take this picture. But it's not something he does when I am home. I've yet to figure out how to solve this one.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One List Life

Attention Publix Shoppers! From February 23–29 you can participate in P&G’s “One List Life” promotion, available exclusively at Publix: simply select any four fabulous participating P&G items and pick up a FREE Rotisserie Chicken while you’re at it! Learn more at

That's right, free chicken! As in free dinner! Magical words, I tell ya! I was more than glad to hear about P&G's "One List Life" promotion. You see our schedule has been in overdrive lately. As the kids are getting older, their interests are changing. Sun Kissed Boy #2 wants to start martial arts now. I've been scouting places to find the right fit.

One of the obstacles that I've encountered is timing. It's been hard to find a martial arts class that starts after the kids' swimming practice, but before night-fall. Turns out that a lot of the martial arts classes start around 6:30 pm, finishing around 7:30 pm. Well, that's almost bedtime for my little ones. 

What does that mean to our family? It means that dinner has to be at the table somewhere around 5:00. And what does that mean to me? That means that sometime after swimming practice, tutors, and homework, dinner's got be cooked, served, and eaten before we head out to this new martial arts adventure. 

Yes, I know this running around taking kids to here and there is very day-to-day for a lot of families. But it's new to ours, which means we're still adjusting. Which means I'm still adjusting! Any time I can have some help with dinner being done for me, I'm happy. 

That is when “One List Life” promotion came in super handy. Here's how it works: If you buy any FOUR of the participating P&G products, you'll get a FREE rotisserie chicken! The promotion runs from 02/23 through 02/29. For more information and a list of the participating products, visit

This offer is available at Publix who, by the way, has marked down all of the participating products. But that's not all you can save. For you couponers out there, if you kept your January 29 P&G brandSAVER, there are coupons for Tide, Charmin, Pampers, Bounty, Iams, Pantene and Cascade that you can stack on top of the in-store savings. Deals & steals all around!

Getting a free cooked chicken for purchasing products (at a discount) that I already had in my shopping list was an added bonus. It made smooth sailing for at least one dinner night.

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring my participation in this “One List Life” promotion. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Folk Magazine Giveaway

Have you heard of Folk Magazine? If you haven't, then let me give you the skinny on it.
Some would describe Folk as a lifestyle magazine. But I don't think it's just another lifestyle magazine. I see Folk as a modern-day Americana. It's America seen through fresh, artistic eyes of folks who appreciate the simplicity of country life. Stories from...  

Folks that take the long way home because they see the beauty in less travelled roads.

Folks that rejoice the effortlessness of a bowl of peaches. 

Folks that will stop short for a chippy table whether it'd be to revamp, use as is for it's rustic charm, or for a cool photo shoot.

Folks that can enjoy iced tea in a wrap-around porch on a hot summer day, yet save a jar or two for a tea-staining project.

Folk Magazine is giving away a subscription to one lucky winner.

Ready to enter the giveaway? Here's how: 

Since Folk's mantra is "Sharing the American Story...", leave me a Sunny Note using only ONE word to tell me your American Story? You have until Thursday, 11:59 pm EST, to enter. Winner will be announced Friday.

Sources for photographs for this post were from Folk's Facebook, Blog, and Pinterest's pages.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Wondering where I've been? I'm just gonna pretend you said yes and tell ya! I've been spending a good chunk of my time working on this.

When the boys' school needed help putting together their 5th Grade Baby pages for the yearbook, I jumped right in. I was super exited to put together a pretty layout for them. But as usual, I forget how time consuming it can be if I nitpick at everything like the picture is not tilted just right or the flower embellishment is too big, etc. I could go on and on but you get the picture. I spend tons of time on it because I'm picky. 

Anyway, I'm almost done with it and I can't wait to see it in the yearbook! Thanks for sticking around. Yall are still there, right? I'm just gonna pretend you said yes. :)

Enjoy the weekend everybody!
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

25 Things

1) When I watch scary movies by myself, I turn the volume all the way down during the scary parts so I won't be as scared. It really works!

2) I redecorate/repaint/remodel, in my mind, most houses I visit. But then again, I've never visited a house this nice.

3) My husband knows #2 about me so whenever we leave a house we have visited, he'll ask me what I would do different. I love him for that.

4) I was once unfriended (in real life, not FB) by someone who I thought was a very close friend and even though it's been a couple of years now, it still hurts and I wonder why that happened. 

5) #4 did make me reflect on the people I let in my life. When it comes to friendships, quality is definitely better than quantity.

6) I use to be extremely shy. Taking drama class all through high school brought me out of my shell.

7) However, to this day, I can't just go up and start talking to people. I need to be approached first to open up.

8) If you were standing to the left of me and said something to me that I didn't respond to, it's not that I'm being rude. It's more likely that I didn't hear you. I am completely deaf from my left ear.

9) When I was in elementary school, I use to wear leg warmers and tape up my feet with scotch tape (we had no masking tape) to dance around the house like in the movie Flashdance. 

10) I wish I could sing like Sarah McLachlan or Norah Jones.
Source 1 & 2

11) I have no idea how to teach my kids to tie their shoes so they might wear Velcro shoes for the rest of their lives. 

12) We came back early from our vacation this past summer to attend a very dear friend's wedding. It was warm and intimate making it one of the best ceremonies I've ever been to. 

13) I'm not really into playing sports but I am very competitive when it comes to games.

14) Watching the movie ET makes me crave Reese's Pieces. 

15) I always wanted a little girl to dress her up in pretty bows and have tea parties.

16) I'm an only child and when I was growing up I wanted lots of bothers and sisters.

17) I much rather stay home curled up watching a movie than go out to a party.

18) I don't like working out, even if there's a TV in front of me.

19) If I didn't have any kids, I would be one of those people that take their doggies around in strollers.

20) Most nights, I have a hard time going to sleep. Pinterest is one of the things I do to wind down.

21) Even though I'm not sure of its pronunciation, I'm obsessed with bokeh.

22) The only time I ever listen to the radio is when I'm in the car.

23) I love sushi.

24) I don't think I could ever get tired of watching my kids play with our dog.

25) About 19 years ago, I made a phone call to ask this handsome guy out. I was nervous but I couldn't wait to spend time with him again. While I was writing up this post, he called, on his way home from work, to ask me out on a date. I still can't wait to spend time with him.  

Linking to Perfectly Imperfect's 25 Things Linky Party.

UPDATE: After having a hard time coming up with 25 things, I forgot to put the very first one I thought of. I really want to include it since it's a huge part of me. So indulge me in a #26, won't you?!

26) Writing a blog has given me a new way of looking at life and I think I am a better person because of it. 
Ok, now I'm really done. Thanks for reading!
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