Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Package from the Cousins

After impatiently waiting, the boys were thrilled to receive a response from their cousins. Two things made this delivery even better 1) the package included a CD slide-show of pictures, letters, drawings, crafts, and candies; and 2) it arrived the day before Valentine's Day.

The slide show, with lots of pictures from the cousin's summer vacation, was so fun to watch. The music in the background made it even funner.

Sun Kissed Boy #3 could not sit through the entire picture show. The music would not let his dancing feet be still. After the two boys viewed all the photos, we had to run it again just for the music. They wanted to join in the dancing too! 

At the point, Sun Kissed Boy #3 silently excused himself from the dancing and quietly enjoyed some of the sweet treats that came in the package. :D

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