Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SandBall Fight

In some parts of the earth kids bundle up in freezing temperatures and head outside for snowball fights. Since our temps don't dip low enough for that, we have to come up with our ways to enjoy the same kind of warfare. 

As the youngest two Sun Kissed Boys played in the surf, an older, mischievous, brother looked on planning his attack.

It doesn't take the littlest Sun Kissed Boy long to prepare for battle.

However, Sun Kissed Boy #2 knows when to get out of dodge.

He prefers the serenity of building a sand turtle.

Having been a participant in these sandy brawls, I can tell you that they are 100% messy. Sand has a way of creeping into all kind of crevasses. Goggles are a must if you want a chance at beating your opponents. But, as seen here, I can also tell you that they are 200% fun!  
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5 Sunny Notes:

Renee said...

Something to try at the beach...but my boys would cream me! I should have done this when they were young. Looks like fun and you captured it well.

Cindi said...

#2 looks like one smart boy! :) Oh how fun! Makes me want to take a drive to the beach.

Susan said...

Cute! It does look like fun!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

When your boys are older, they're going to treasure these photos!

And, I really wish we lived my a beach!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures! I wish I lived by the beach:)