Friday, April 13, 2012

BeINg There

Even though I've made a conscious decision to be the kind of mom that is engaging, it's easy to get side-tracked from that goal with the demands of everyday life. When Sun Kissed Boys 2 & 3 came in my bedroom dragging a basket-full of potato heads for us to play, my first reaction was to turn them away until I finished yet another task. But I quickly vanished that thought way and reminded myself of the mom I strive to be. 

When the boys play, I want to be IN the moment, not just in the vicinity. I want to be part of their giggles and creativity. When they grow up, I want them to remember me as a mom that was WITH them not just around them.

Had I not stopped what I was doing and taken a few minutes to play, I would have missed all cuteness that comes through every pore of their little bodies. 

And I would never want to miss out on an Indiana Jones Potato Head battle where he saves the pretty blonde.
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5 Sunny Notes:

The British Homemaker said...

I love those very kind of moments, the times when my 7 yr old says something profound to just see if he really does have my attention are fewer than they used to be...thankfully!

Twinkle Terrior said...

Agree 100% with Debbie! The extraordinary magic of every day moments! God bless and have a great weekend, Miami girl - Christina Zima oxox

Susan said...

That is so cool! What an epic battle! (Love your quilt as well.)

Renee said...

Yes! Savor those moments and you'll never regret!

COTTAG3 said...

You're such a great mom and those little boys are lucky to have a mom like you. Some of my favorite moments are when it's just my son and me doing ordinary things. Right now, I'm cherishing our talks. I'm glad he still likes to talk with me about what's going on his little teenage life.