Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Party Favors from Target's Bargain Section

Target has an area in their stores called "Happy Bargains". You've probably noticed it. It's a small section of little isles right at the entrance filled with items priced at $1.00 or $2.50. I always like to browse through it because you never know what you can find. That's where I came across the Wild Things bag that I decoupaged on the Wild Thing Stool. Every time I rummage through these knickknacks, I always think what wonderful party favors they would make. Here are a few I thought would be adorable for kids (or grown-up) parties.  

If your party-goers like to monkey around, then Paul Frank's version of the sock monkey is a perfect fit. Right now, Target has totes, erase boards, sticky notes, or key chains for a dollar each.

Spring is the right time of the year for a Garden Party. Have your guests leave with this cute watering can. On it's own, it's just $2.50 or pair it with colorful garden gloves for $1.00 more.

Summer is just around the corner. A Pool Party might be in the works. These mini water guns are sure to be a crowd-pleaser during the party and to keep the fun going at their own homes later. Make a game of it by having the guests shoot at pin wheels with the water guns. See who can make it spin faster, splash the most water, etc. The water guns are $2.50 and the pin wheels $1.00.

For Baseball-themed parties, these little rugs ($2.50) are a darling take-a-way gift. Think about personalizing them (before the party), with craft paint, with each of the kids' names.

It's also fun to make the party favor a project during the party. These basket totes, at $2.50 each, are perfect for decorating.

Which party favor do you think would work best for you? 

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5 Sunny Notes:

Joslinda said...

There is nothing better than the bargain section of Target. During winter months, Target places hand warmers in their bargain section for a dollar. Perfect gift to send to our troops, for the elderly in the family, or gifts for someone in the office. Thanks for sharing these wonderful gift ideas.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I could have really used this section when my kids were small! They have some great stuff! I think those totes would be fun now for grownups.

Cindi said...

Oh how I LOVE Target's bargain bins! They are the BEST!

Kelli W said...

I can't tell you how many times our party favors have come from the dollar section at Target! I love it! I think I maybe be buying a few of the basket totes to use as teacher appreciation gifts!

Unknown said...

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