Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mood Changes in a "Snap"

Truth be known, I started this long weekend on the pouty side. I am ready for vacation and I wanted to kick-start summer with a short get-a-way. When that didn't materialized, I felt BLAH. But on Friday I was sitting outside and I grabbed the camera. Snapping these photos almost instantly changed my mood. 

This is how we spent our weekend.  

It could be the nice weekend activities. It could be the way photographs make me take a step back to look at things. It could be the anticipation of seeing what was captured with the lens. It could be a combination of all of the above. I am not sure. I just know I am finding photography extremely therapeutic. 
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Friday, May 25, 2012


This was the plan for the weekend.

Even though laying on a raft by yourself is almost unheard of around here. 

But Sun Kissed Boy #1 has swimmer's ear. That means no swimming for seven days. :( 
But relaxing is still the plan. Just not floating. 

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today

It's a strange feeling knowing the exact day your baby will be born. Through the magic of pitocin, this sweet little baby looked into my eyes and completely changed my life.

Today he starts his day with breakfast in mommy and daddy's bed as he watches TV.
He looks forward to the day ahead full of sugary treats and surprises.

Meanwhile, I reflect on the last ten years. I reflect on the firsts. First birthday. First step. First time he held his littlest brother.

I reflect on the ones that won't see him grow up.

I reflect on how he's changed my world. How he makes me want to be a better person. I look forward to seeing him become the young man he's turning into.

Happy Birthday, my first boy!  

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Six Years Ago Today...

... I was walking through Target. It was a particularly uncomfortable day for me. I was 37 weeks pregnant and the little baby inside my belly seemed to be squashing my insides out. But I had my shopping cart full of baby clothes ready to be purchased with all the gift cards given to me at my baby shower that previous weekend. So I would lean against the cart, pause, catch my breath, and kept on going. Three hours later, Sun Kissed Boy #2 was born.
Shortly when I got home from Target, my water broke. Turns out that the "uncomfortable" feeling I was experiencing, were contractions.  

Today my three-weeks early, eight and a half pounds chunk of a baby turns 6!

He was a very fussy baby, then became a fussy toddler. He somehow managed to do a 180 and became the sweetest little man...
...whom I love to the moon and back! <3

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now, There's Something You Don't See Everyday!

Behind our house is a canal.

Behind that canal are some bushes.

Behind those bushes is a street. A street with cars... and a PLANE??!!

Yep. On Saturday, a 1965 Mooney airplane had engine trouble and made an emergency landing behind our house. 

Miraculously enough, no one was injured. In life, there's seldom dull moments.   

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Personalized Metal Stamped Necklaces

Last week we celebrated our teachers. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by wonderful educators for my children. I wanted to make them something special to express my gratitude. I made them, and some of the ladies from administration, personalized necklaces.       

Even though Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is over, I wanted to share this project because you can make these for end of the year presents. They make sweet little presents for any time of the year. Here are the materials needed:

Metal Stamps (1/8"; from Harbor Freight)
Washers (from Home Depot)
Jewelry Cords (JoAnn Fabrics has a value pack of 4)
Garden Brick or other hard surface (sidewalk or any concrete surface will work)
Sharpie Marker (thin tip)
Paper Towel

Stamp name, trace over it with the marker, and wipe excess ink.

Thread necklace through washer in a loop like shown below.

For a pretty presentation, tie the necklace around a mason jar with fresh flowers. (Tip: It's a good idea to always save sauce, pickle or jelly jars for projects like these.)

Aren't they lovely? 

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chicken Gorgonzola Cheese Melt

At the Sun Kissed household, we BBQ often. Almost every weekend, you can find us in the backyard partaking of delicious grilled grub with friends. No matter how many times we've done this, we also have a tendency to over buy food, leaving us with lots of leftovers.

Sun Kissed Husband wanted to come up with something different to do with the surplus instead of just reheating them back up. It was then when he created the Chicken Gorgonzola Cheese Melt! These are the ingredients we used from what was on hand from the previous day.

Chicken Breast
Gorgonzola Cheese
Greek Feta Dressing
Potato Bun

First, cut chicken breast in half. Top with bacon and cheese. Heat up in microwave for about 2 minutes or until the gorgonzola is melted to your liking.

While that heats up, smash avocado and spread greek-feta dressing on bun. I like using the Cafe Athens brand, but any dressing on hand will work.

Place chicken on prepared bun and top with yellow mustard.

Serve with a side dish (seen here with shrimp macaroni salad) and enjoy!

For those of you watching your carbs, omit the bun and serve with a thin slice of tomato and/or avocado.

These leftovers are worthy of another get-together with friends!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special
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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Double Edge Sword of Mother's Day

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend? Did you mommies out there get to have a nice Mother's Day? Mine started out with breakfast in bed made by this wonderful guy.

Afterwards, we loaded up the car with boys and decor magazines and headed to the beach.
With some help from the Sun Kissed Boys, Sun Kissed Husband, made breakfast, packed lunches, loaded/unloaded the car, bathed and put the kids to bed. Sounds wonderful, right?! Well, I can't lie. It was. I didn't have to do much all day. 
Buuuut the aftermath is what it's difficult. Think of it as being gone from the office an entire day and when you get back to work, the in-box is overflowing. Except my in-box is a laundry basket (actually laundry "floor" since that's where all the dirty clothes & towels seem to be). My in-box is also a sink-full of dirty dishes, messy table and counter tops, and a playroom with too many toys!

After almost 18 years of marriage, I've, reluctantly, come to realize that my husband and I see messes differently. In all fairness we had a "dump-and-go" weekend. I call that when we are running from one event to the other and we just stop by the house to dump off things from the previous event, change clothes, and go to the next one.

I could sit here and whine about how I wish that on top of having a fun-filled day I also wish that all the chores would have gotten done; but that's unrealistic so I might as well shut it. Instead, I'll think about the smiling faces that greeted me for breakfast, the laughter I heard in between the crashing waves, and the loving man that kissed me goodnight. 

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Jump, Jump!

Remember being little and going to the beach (or any body of water)? All the grown-ups talking about how cold the water was and saying things like 'How can you go in the water? Isn't it cold?'. No! As a kid the water is seldom too cold! I thought of those days, of many moons ago, while I watched the boys enjoy the water & sunshine this weekend.

It was the first time we've had a chance to gather at home and enjoy each other's company in the back yard in a while. The boys enjoy the family get-together. Perfecting their jumps is very high on their list too!

The Dancing Jump

The Noodle Jump

I am not sure why he calls it this but Sun Kissed Boy #1 called this jump the Chicago, IL Jump.

The Flip Jump

My favorite, The Hug Jump.

Have you jumped today?  

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Children's Place Summer Styles 2012

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit The Children's Place to see their summer line. Colorful, tropical, and shimmery is the look of the season. It definitely has me looking forward to summer. 
Although their boys' selection is adorable, I was really drawn to their girl fashions. 
I shopped some for the boys.
Lucky for me, I have a girlfriend expecting a baby girl very soon (as a matter a fact, she's in labor as I write this very post!) so I had a chance to shop for her as well.
Ok, so I loved the shimmery flip flops so much, I got one for myself! ;D
Disclaimer: All of the purchased items were curtesy of The Children's Place.
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