Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Randy & Christina's Shwedding

This past weekend I attended Randy and Christina's baby shower.

What most of the guests attending, including myself, didn't know was that this was also their wedding ceremony. This made the event a shwedding! Get it? A shower and wedding smooched into one word! I like saying that word, shwedding! Shwedding, shwedding! Ok, I'll stop. 

I was really disappointed at myself for not having brought my camera. I did take a couple with my iPhone. 

Of course, the photos I love the most are the ones I took of her for the purpose of putting a slideshow together for the couple.

As luck would have it, in one of Ashley Ann's recent posts she wrote part of the lyrics to a beautiful song with a beautiful message. I Googled the song and I knew it would be perfect for this slideshow. Enjoy. 

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3 Sunny Notes:

Renee said...

BEAUTIFUL YANET!!! You did a great job.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

How fun! A surprise wedding! Those are some fun shots. Great slideshow!

Maalai said...

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