Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip 2012: The Beginning

Let me preface this post by telling you a little bit about our last long road trip. On Christmas day, a few years ago, we were driving to Tennessee to meet up friends in their cabin. It was a 16-hour drive which we made in two days. The boys at the time were one, two and six. When we arrived, Sun Kissed Boy #1 got sick. Throwing up, fever, the works. Right after that, the flu got to us all like falling dominoes. And I mean falling. The flu literally knocked everyone out. Eventually, Sun Kissed Husband was well enough to drive and I was half way coherent to be a mom again. I am probably exaggerating. As I am typing about this, I do remember that we went to some antique stores and did some touristy things but the sickness of everyone seems to have overshadowed all my other good thoughts.  

Now, keeping all that in mind, when Sun Kissed Husband brought up making the 24-hour drive to his hometown for his 30th year high school reunion, thoughts of the Tennessee trip came flooding back. My first reaction was to say NO WAY, NO HOW! But eventually the sensible part of me kicked in. After all, I couldn't let the Tennessee trip spoil all of our road trips ahead, right? So we loaded the mini-van up with junky snacks, DVDs, and Wii games.

Since this is a 24-hour drive, we are making frequent stops to visit with friends and family. We also packed food to picnic at rest stops along the way. I had visions of letting the boys stretch out their legs as they ran and played under moss-covered trees. They would maybe toss a ball and, of course, I'd take pictures of all of these wonderful happenings. Well, at our first picnic stop the car started overheating, our picnic location was full of gnats, and it was like a thousand degrees outside.
At first, when the boys were complaining, I thought they were being "city boys". But, really, the gnats were so pesty that I was afraid to open my mouth to bite my sandwich thinking they would fly in. I might have eaten one or two. I don't know.

We were lucky enough to find a car dealer that was still opened. I can't thank the folks at Cass Burch Chrysler enough for getting us fixed up and back on the road in what had to be record time.

The following day, we tried the picnic rest stop thing again. Even though there were no gnats, the boys wanted nothing to do with picnicking. We enjoyed the view instead.  

After two days on the road, we are now in southern Indiana enjoying time with family.

We have some more traveling to do but I look forward to fun days ahead. 
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5 Sunny Notes:

Maalai said...

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Cassie Bustamante said...

what a fun trip and your photos are beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

We drove from Michigan to Florida every spring break for years & hubby & I did it again this past February.
Now that our boys' are older - they really love the memories of those trips & all they were able to see along the way.
Oh & if you're in Fort Wayne, IN --- your only about 2 hours away from me!

Kelli W said...

So did you do 24 hours without an overnight stay somewhere? That must have been tough! Glad you made it without too much trouble!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That second spot where you stopped is gorgeous!
Try not to think about eating gnats-or just think "Protein!"
That's such a long drive. You are a brave woman. We went to San Diego once and drove all night with all our kids. They were even older and I'll NEVER do it again!